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The Dam Keeper, bullying, and the Oscar for Best Animated Short

(SPOILER ALERT: This post contains details about the ending of The Dam Keeper. If you haven’t seen this animated short yet, please go watch, then come back!) A couple of weeks ago, I was feeling particularly stir crazy at home. A friend got me out of the house. We went to see all of the... Read more »

This GEEKend: Improvised X-Files, Bat-Hamlet, Chi-Fi, and Press Start to Drink

You can tell Spring is here.  Birds are chirping, Chicago cyclists are out on their bikes, and the amount of scheduled geeky events has EXPLODED.  *happy sigh* This list of highlights isn’t even comprehensive.  I’m skipping The Bad Wolf Scavenger Hunt, for example.  …I KNOW, skipping something called “Bad Wolf?” What has come over me??... Read more »

5 Reasons Why Mulan 2 is the Worst Thing on Netflix

Last Christmas, my Geek Guy bought a Netflix subscription for my parents.  We LOVE Netflix.  From Louie to The X-Files, we’re always watching something.  Unfortunately, I have discovered a dark side to the service- Disney sequels.  There’s a sizable batch of ’em to choose from, but one rises above the others in its badness. I’m here to... Read more »

Disney Princesses Reimagined in 5 Geeky Ways

Even though I LOVE butt-kicking heroines like Leia, Buffy, and River Tam, I have a soft spot for Disney Princesses.  I grew up with the movies.  Aladdin = dreamy!!  Thus, it hurts me that the controversy surrounding Merida from Brave had to happen.  Disney had the opportunity to change its girly, damsel-filled Princess roster into something... Read more »

Geeky Wedding Dresses in Science Fiction and Fantasy

First up are two lovely dresses from Doctor Who.  These are particularly special because they weren't designed by a costume department.  Donna Noble (left) wore a Jasper Conran piece, and Amy Pond (right) rocked Ben de Lisi.  These were, at one point, available in UK stores.  Now, they'll occasionally pop up on eBay or eBay UK.  Just beware; Whovians are VICIOUS when it comes to online auctions!
At the beginning of March, I had the honor of standing up in my best friend’s wedding.  Since then, I’ve had weddings on the brain (watch out, geek guys)!  I’ve been thinking about my own, possible, maybe-someday wedding, and just how geeky I’d like it to be.  Would I go subtle, or full-on “Mal and... Read more »

Disney Buys Lucasfilm: Don't Freak Out!

The Internet has been ablaze with this news:  Disney purchased Lucasfilm for just over 4 billion dollars.  Episode VII is go for 2015.  Crazy! The fan outcry has been amazing to watch.  GGC reader Jenn W saw images of Leia as a Disney princess, and found it “so wrong.  She’s above that!”  Jim M immediately... Read more »