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Army of Darkness #1 Meets Chicago's Femme Fatales

Katherine shows us her Femme Fifth Doctor from Doctor Who.  Would you like to see a canon, female regeneration in the Whoniverse?
I don’t mean to be sacrilegious, but the geek world is celebrating a different kind of “Ash” Wednesday.  Today marked the beginning of the Kick ASH Tour- a multi-destination shindig celebrating Army of Darkness #1.  This new comic series puts a spin on the much-loved Evil Dead/Army of Darkness franchise.  Ash, famously portrayed by Bruce Campbell in... Read more »

This GEEKend: Capricon, Karaoke, and Episode I

I’m interrupting my chain of Valentine’s articles to bring you a list of things to do this GEEKend!  …That is, if the snow lets up.  I already put a new crack in my bumper just trying to go to Target. 1.  Capricon!  This sci-fi, fantasy, and alt history convention is in its 32nd incarnation.  Their... Read more »