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Neil deGrasse Tyson's Christmas Tweets were not anti-Christian

Neil deGrasse Tyson ruffled quite a few feathers this Christmas. Instead of recognizing the birth of Jesus on his Twitter, the astrophysicist and host of Cosmos acknowledged other truths about December 25th. Tyson’s Tweet about Isaac Newton’s birth became his most shared ever. However, these shares didn’t all come from folks who agreed. Thousands of people accused Tyson of... Read more »

The worst Doctor Who Christmas gift of all time

There are many, many holiday gift options for Doctor Who fans. The show is so massive that Whovians can find anything- a fish tank, toothbrush, even this potato peeler. Yeaaa, Time Lord merchandise has gotten weird. As a Doctor Who fan for a decade, I possess MORE than my fair share of these things. Some... Read more »

3 Geeky Live Shows to See in Chicago This December

Whenever the daunting task of holiday shopping gets me down, I try to think outside the box.  I’ve purchased a helicopter ride for my dad,  a cooking class for my sister, skydiving for a friend.  …It hardly ever works.  Only one of these has actually used their gift.  Perhaps it’s time to think a little... Read more »