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Capricon 33 Recap: So Much Food, So Little Time

Look at all those Doctor Who cosplayers- adorable kids!!  ...Also a Jedi.  Why not?
Going to Capricon 33 last Saturday made me realize just how much I missed at Capricon 32.  Last year, I basically shopped and went home.  This year, I stayed a full day- completely worth the drive to Wheeling.  Capricon has a close, family atmosphere and diverse programming.  I see why it has lasted 33 years... Read more »

This GEEKend: Capricon 33

I don’t understand this “convention season” that people refer to.  Here in Chicago, we have sci-fi conventions year-round!  Another kicks off tomorrow: Capricon 33.  This 4-day event takes place in the Northern ‘burbs- Wheeling, to be exact. Capricon embraces every branch of geekery.  There will be general panels on everything from Doctor Who to watercolor painting.... Read more »