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C2E2 2014: The Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo is Upon Us!!

Time flies.  I got so wrapped up in wedding planning that I hardly noticed- it’s time for C2E2, the Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo. After comic shop appearances, bar parties, and the St. Patty’s parade, it’s finally here!  Rejoice, geeks!! C2E2 is the Midwest’s premiere pop culture event.  It’s pretty much the biggest thing Geek... Read more »

Photo Recap: Cosplay in the 2014 Chicago St. Patrick's Day Parade

Spider-Man spending some quality time with Black Cat.
Top o’ the evenin’ to ya, geeks!  I hope you all had a fine St. Patrick’s Day.  The holiday really spans a whole weekend in Chicago, but my favorite event is the Saturday parade.  Last year, cosplayers participated for the first time.  These costumed citizens were back in 2014, in larger numbers than before! This... Read more »

This Week in Geek: Logan Arcade, School of Comics, and C2E2 Villains!

While I normally save events post for the weekend, there’s a LOT going on in Chicago that the sci-fi, fantasy, and gamer communities should know about.  The weather is warming up just in time, it seems!  We can all get out of the house and enjoy some fantastic fun. As I have so much to... Read more »

C2E2 2013 Recap: People-Watching Instead of Programming

A little Spider-man and a big Spider-man.  After this photo was taken, a medium Spider-man walked up.  NOT KIDDING.  THESE THINGS HAPPEN AT C2E2.
A week has passed since C2E2 2013.  I’ve had time to reflect, to rejuvenate… to heal the huge blisters on my feet from my Envy Adams boots (attractive, I know).  This year’s Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo was the biggest yet.  It was a BLAST meeting so many of Chi-town’s geeks.  Before the photos, though,... Read more »

C2E2 2013: Where To Go, What To See, and What I'm Wearing

If you’re reading this blog, chances are you’re looking forward to C2E2 2013- The Chicago Comics and Entertainment Expo.  It’s pretty much the biggest comic, sci-fi, and pop culture show in our fair city.  I already wrote about the after parties.  Here’s the scoop on the main event, which starts… well, today.  Once again, I’m... Read more »

The 3 Best C2E2 After Parties - Discount Promo Code!!

The Chicago Comics and Entertainment Expo (C2E2) is this weekend- April 26-28.  I have been attending this convention since its creation.  I prefer it over Wizard World for lots of reasons, and it looks like I’ll be adding something new to the list in 2013: the after parties. A C2E2 after party makes sense.  The... Read more »

Photo Recap: C2E2 Cosplay Around Town at Graham Crackers Comics

LAKEVIEW: This gorgeous (and hilarious) piece of work is Tara's original creation, Dolly Deathstar.
On Wednesday, February 20th, C2E2 held a “Cosplay Around Town” celebration at 4 different Graham Crackers Comics locations.  I covered the event details in a previous article, so I’ll get right to the recap and photos! I went to the Lakeview store.  The group there was small- less than 10 costumes- but we still had fun.  C2E2 staff provided simple... Read more »

My Favorite C2E2 Discovery: Free Books!

C2E2– What a weekend!   I spent Saturday dressed as Rogue from the X-Men*, and Sunday shopping around.  The con delivered all of the vendors, artists, celebs, and costumes I expected.  One booth, though, stood out above the rest: The Science Fiction Outreach Project. You couldn’t miss these folks.  Their space was literally a wall... Read more »

OMG C2E2!! Get Ready for the Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo

It’s the weekend Chicago geeks have been waiting for: C2E2!! The Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo will take over the McCormick place  on April 13th, 14th, and 15th.  The event brings together comic artists, authors, entertainment stars, and local icons.   It’s easy to get overwhelmed!  As a start, here are a few things I’m... Read more »