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7 Twitter accounts that will make geeks laugh

<A HREF="">@RikerGoogling</A> - My number one Twitter features "Number One" himself- Commander Will Riker from Star Trek: The Next Generation. This account is self-explanatory. Tweet after Tweet documents Riker's somewhat scandalous Google history. From trombone tutorials to Betazoid mating, his interests are hilariously unsurprising.
I’m racing against the clock to finish my Dragon Con costumes, but you know what I still have time for? Twitter! I know Instagram is the current hotness, but Twitter remains my favorite social media outlet. I love how quickly a person can tell a story, make a point, or crack a joke. The BEST... Read more »

This GEEKend: Anime World Expos and Lake Count-i-Con

I’m having a hard time typing because my geek guy has a friend over. They are watching Dune- the David Lynch movie- at an unimaginable volume. I dislike the film. The husband, however, loves it deeply and without irony. I… do not understand. Aaaaagh!! Anyway, my Dragon Con costumes are nearing completion. Yuna just needs some... Read more »

This GEEKend: Bit Bash and Paragon Theatre Festival

I’m gonna write this one quickly, gentle reader, because I’ve got a Cubs game to get to. My workplace hooked me up with tickets, and I’m really grateful. The weather is PERFECT, and this will be my only trip to Wrigley Field this summer. I AM SO READY FOR A THOUSAND HOT DOGS!!! …Oh, also... Read more »

Special K's advertising "for women" is terrible for women

Hey, girl, it’s me- your box of Kellogg’s Special K Red Berries cereal. I see you checking me out: Well guess what, girl? I’m checking you out, too. You’re looking skinny this morning. And hot. And, uh, smart, probably? Just kidding! We both know brains are for ugly girls, and like I said, you’re hot.... Read more »

This GEEKend: Chi Nerd Comedy Fest, Sailor Moon Day, I Fight Dragons, and more!

This week, my geek guy had some friends in town from Boston. We took them to Fountainhead and Scooter’s (great life choices.) As we parted ways, the pair asked where else in Chicago they should go. We happened to be parked next to a storefront that had MULTIPLE geeky posters displayed: Chi Nerd Comedy Fest,... Read more »

"A khaki-related emergency" and other excuses to keep old clothes

My girlfriends and I do a formal clothing swap four times a year. Everyone brings tops, pants, skirts, and such that they no longer love. Pieces are tried on and traded. Anything that doesn’t find a new home gets donated. The whole process is great. I usually have a ton of clothes to contribute. After... Read more »

My broken unemployment experience with IDES

I haven’t mentioned it recently, but my unemployment battle hasn’t ended. I’ve been at a new job for three months. I’ve been away from my former employer for six. Even so, the place that dumped me isn’t allowing my life to move forward. I feel harassed. My phone and inbox are haunted by appeal after... Read more »

5 reasons you should drop everything and play Rocket League

Two weeks ago, a game called Rocket League launched on PC and PS4. This moment changed my PS4 for the better. The system was no longer a glorified Netflix machine. Rocket League transformed it into a proper gaming system. …It also transformed my geek guy and me into babbling, sleep-deprived, addicted slobs. Hurrah! Rocket League is a... Read more »

Anime Midwest 2015 RECAP: I will never learn

Sorry for the jump scare, gentle reader. It's sort of just his nature.
I keep saying I spend too many holidays at conventions. I keep saying the crowds at anime events make me feel old. I keep acting like I’m going to dial down the amount of events I cover. Then, I watch a new series. All at once, I’m PUMPED FOR ANIME AGAIN. This year, it was... Read more »

Theatre Review: Fanatical, a science fiction convention musical

There are many types of fanart. Hundreds of websites are dedicated to drawing, writing, cosplay… but it’s rare to see live theatre that pays tribute to fandom. Up until this week, Badfic Love was the only production I could name. Then came Fanatical: a Science Fiction Convention Musical. This production is debuting at the Chicago... Read more »