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Photos from Level 257's PAC-MAN Art and Fashion Show

Level 257 isn’t new, but it’s new to me. It’s a Schaumburg restaurant, bar, arcade, and bowling alley inspired by PAC-MAN. Given that I frequently rock my PAC-MAN t-shirt and belt, it seems like I should’ve stopped by sooner. Finally, last Thursday, it was my turn. Geek Girl Jess and I were invited to Level... Read more »

This GEEKend ONLY: The Ghostbusters 30th Anniversary Art Show at Rotofugi

I have been on a total Ghostbusters kick lately, thanks to the film’s 30th anniversary celebrations.  I threw a viewing party in my apartment a couple of weeks back.  Since then, I’d been looking forward to Gallery 1988’s traveling art show at Rotofugi.  The installation opened last night.  The place was crazy-packed, cats and dogs... Read more »

How to Make a Pixelated Video Game Quilt - Guest Blog by Susan Richmond

When it comes to laying out the design, this may not be the most efficent method, but it gets the job done:  find a sprite of your chosen character (mine came from, zoom way in on it, then transpose each pixel into a cell of a spreadsheet.  This allows for counting of squares, manipulation of finished dimensions, etc.   It makes sense to assemble the quilt in rows, so think of each row in terms of its constituent colors (e.g., the top row of his head would be “6 light blue, 7 black, 6 light blue”).  Tallying how many instances of each grouping of color are needed (e.g. how many times were there 5 red squares together, how many times were there 4 red squares together, so on) really helps in planning/organization in the long run, though it may seem daunting up front.
Several people this week have told me that “Christmas starts this weekend.”  Oh, jeez, really?!  Ugh.  Halloween isn’t even over yet!  I swear, I’m not even gonna take my Christmas tree down this year… Well, if you’re already thinking about holiday gifts, consider giving the hand-made present my best friend gave me.  She built a... Read more »

Disney Princesses Reimagined in 5 Geeky Ways

Even though I LOVE butt-kicking heroines like Leia, Buffy, and River Tam, I have a soft spot for Disney Princesses.  I grew up with the movies.  Aladdin = dreamy!!  Thus, it hurts me that the controversy surrounding Merida from Brave had to happen.  Disney had the opportunity to change its girly, damsel-filled Princess roster into something... Read more »

This GEEKend: Books, Zombies, Art, and Doing the Timewarp with Siri

I have a very awesome, much-anticipated press event to get to, so I am going to type this GEEKend’s local events AS FAST AS I CAN!! 1.  The Rocky Horror Picture Show – Presented by the World of Weird Monster Show, a live cast is doing the Timewarp in Wilmette.  Costumes and participation are encouraged.... Read more »

This GEEKend: Avengers, Star Trek Improv, DeLorean Motors, and ROBOTS

Avengers, assemble!  This year’s most-anticipated movie is about to touch down.  Critics already love The Avengers, which means 2 consecutive hits for Joss Whedon.*  I’ll be seeing it at midnight.  How about you? If The Avengers aren’t your speed, here are more geek-friendly events in town this weekend: 1.  Improvised Star Trek – Back in 2009,... Read more »

February 11th: Geekiest Day of the Year??

So, Capricon was nice.  Their art show was particularly refreshing; I hadn’t seen a setup like that since Dragon*Con.  That said, the con gave me a few more leads on geeky things to do TONIGHT!  I know these are last minute, and that I already dedicated a full post to this GEEKend… but I’m a girl... Read more »