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14 ways cosplay has changed in 14 years

So, I just got a KILLER Morrigan photoset back from Matthew Sperzel Photography. It mostly looks like this: …and it got me thinking: Gosh, cosplayers in 2015 are lucky. My yellow eyes, light-up staff commission, picture-perfect photo editing, even my wig- none of these were available when I started. I’ve been cosplaying for 14 years,... Read more »

This GEEKend: Anime Central, Doctor Who Cosplay Night, and Space Happens!

Well, geeks- I made it to May 15th before thinking about this year’s Halloween costume.  Agent Scully?  Betty Grof?  Queen Elsa?? …My earliness isn’t entirely my fault.  Halloween is a big deal at my day job, and it was mentioned in a corporate context.  Now, my favorite holiday is in my head.  It shouldn’t be!... Read more »

Anime Central 2013 Recap: Two Schools of Thought

Starting the gallery off with a bang.  Gosh, what should I even call these guys?  Exotic Eeveelutions?  Chippendeevees?  Gigoleevees?!   All I know is, I gotta catch 'em all.
I honestly didn’t expect to have fun at Anime Central 2013; I hadn’t for several years.  I assumed I’d be too old, too overstimulated, too out of touch with the anime scene.  Turns out, ACen isn’t really about Japanese animation anymore!  American cartoons, comics, and sci-fi were everywhere… as were people my age.  Awesome. As the title of... Read more »

This GEEKend: Anime Central and Fight Girl Battle World

My very first geek convention was Anime Central 2001.  I went with one childhood friend and some girls from another school.  One of their mothers made me a costume (?! I hated it), and I got in trouble for going to the Masquerade.  To this day, I stand by the fact that I told them... Read more »