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5 Geeky Theatre Shows in Chicago this Month, September 2014

Three days ago, I promised a GEEKend events post.  I realized, though, that all relevant goings-on are long-running shows.  So, I’m tweaking the usual format. Here’s a special list of geeky theatre productions you can enjoy all month:   1. Hack/Slash – The comic book series Hack/Slash is a Chicago favorite.  Its writer, Tim Seeley, is... Read more »

This GEEKend: Lord of the Wrigley and a Back to the Future Musical

My apologies for not getting a GEEKend post up faster.  I have good reason, though!  On Tuesday, I took my first-ever trip to the ER.  I was in line at Hot Doug’s, and had foolishly skipped breakfast.  After an hour in the direct sunlight, I became severely dehydrated. I saw stars for a moment, and... Read more »

Happy Geeksgiving: 3 Ways for Chicago Geeks to Give Back

Geeks in Chicago have a lot to be thankful for.  We’re constantly surrounded by friends, food, sweet comic shops, and not one but two beercades.  Thanksgiving is a fantastic time to share the wealth and spread our good fortune.  Here are a few ways to help others in Chicago this Turkey Day: 1. Donate Food,... Read more »