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Rediscovering Chicago with Pokémon GO

“I did it! I went outside and got him.” I had a few glasses of wine last night, and while my husband was Skyping with his brother, wandered outside to catch a Tauros. This is Pokémon GO. It’s a nationwide craze, a total addiction, and honestly, the first thing that has made me happy in weeks.... Read more »

Geekheart Guidance: The "right way" to replay video games

It’s no secret that I’m a HUGE fan of the Mass Effect video games. Still, I was surprised when someone e-mailed me for game-related counsel. Wow! I’ve secretly always wanted an advice column. Welcome to “Geekheart Guidance.” <3 The issue at hand is the replay value of massive, open world video games with lots of... Read more »

6 Reasons Why Codsworth is the Best Fallout 4 Companion

**WARNING: THIS POST POTENTIALLY CONTAINS SPOILERS FROM FALLOUT 4. **     As you may have gathered from my TOTAL ABSENCE, I’ve been playing Fallout 4 like crazy. A few of my friends have finished it, but you know me. I have to explore every inch of The Commonwealth before I let the experience end.... Read more »

5 reasons you should drop everything and play Rocket League

Two weeks ago, a game called Rocket League launched on PC and PS4. This moment changed my PS4 for the better. The system was no longer a glorified Netflix machine. Rocket League transformed it into a proper gaming system. …It also transformed my geek guy and me into babbling, sleep-deprived, addicted slobs. Hurrah! Rocket League is a... Read more »

Mordin Solus: The video game character that broke my heart

**WARNING: This post contains SPOILERS from the Mass Effect video games. …Though you really should have played them by now. 😉 **   Even though it has been three years since a new Mass Effect video game, the trilogy comes up in my life constantly. One friend is playing the titles for the first time. Another is... Read more »

FREE TICKET GIVEAWAY! Game Night with Peter Sagal

I got so wrapped up in preparing for last night’s event with Lakeshore Beverage that I almost forgot- I have tickets to give away. I just have to remember what they’re for. Hmm. Wait wait… don’t tell me… GOT IT. The tickets are for Game Night with Peter Sagal! It’s an NPR geek’s dream come true.... Read more »

Join Chicago's First Arcade Tournament League... at a Discount!

Beercades (that’s “beer arcades,” gentle reader) are popping up all over Chicago.  Emporium and Headquarters are opening second locations.  I just visited Replay for the first time.  They’re all a blast, but I’m admittedly easy to please.  Beer + video games = My Happy Place. If there’s any downside to beercades, it’s their overwhelming popularity.  On a busy... Read more »

I've Been Caught by the April Fools' Pokémon Game on Google Maps

I hate pranks. I still remember the time when my mother snapped the white parts off of some candy corn, and then told me she was eating her teeth.  I cried!  Granted, I was a small child.  I was considerably older, however, when she woke me up and told me I was late for school-... Read more »

3 Affordable PC Games I Can't Stop Playing

Thank goodness- it’s finally above freezing here in Chiberia- er, Chicago.  My workplace closed for two days during the big chill.  This allowed me to make HUGE progress on my wedding.  I also got to put some quality time into my favorite activity of all: sweet, sweet video games. At long last, I got a... Read more »

Headquarters Beercade AND Emporium Arcade Bar are Getting Second Locations

Two of my favorite places to hang out are about to double in scope.  Get ready, gamers!  Chicago’s Headquarters Beercade (currently in Lakeview) AND Emporium Arcade Bar (currently in Wicker Park) are getting second locations. Headquarters Beercade is launching store number two in River North.  Its opening is scheduled for Spring 2014.  I hope the date sticks!  It would... Read more »