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Theatre Review: Fanatical, a science fiction convention musical

There are many types of fanart. Hundreds of websites are dedicated to drawing, writing, cosplay… but it’s rare to see live theatre that pays tribute to fandom. Up until this week, Badfic Love was the only production I could name. Then came Fanatical: a Science Fiction Convention Musical. This production is debuting at the Chicago... Read more »

Welcome to Night Vale LIVE: A review by someone who hasn't heard the podcast

I’m a fan of audio drama. In addition to my day job and Geek Girl Chicago duties, I’m the Community Manager for a show called Our Fair City. You’d think I’d be a fan of the biggest sci-fi podcast out there. Nope. I’ve somehow avoided Welcome to Night Vale. I’ll admit it- I just assumed the show... Read more »

This GEEKend: Nerdgasm Burlesque, Ruby on Rails, CG2, and MORE

Would you all judge me if I said I wanted to blog earlier today, but was watching the Star Wars trailer? …and then watching it more? …and then desperately searching for tidbits about the new characters? …and then talking to my friends about it?! You get the idea. I did do one, non-Star Wars thing... Read more »

This GEEKend: Badfic Love and Dr. Horrible Sing-Along

Everything I had planned for this week got canceled. I’m not exaggerating. A job interview, a meeting, and a sales transaction all fell through, each the day-of. It has been pretty frustrating, what with the extensive planning that goes into these things. I guess it’s just that kind of week. Thankfully, we’re almost through it.... Read more »

The Hammer Trinity by The House Theatre TICKET GIVEAWAY!!!

I had the best day at The Chicago Video Game Law Summit! Speaking alongside so many giants of gaming was a true privilege. Everyone was respectful and interested in my work, even though I was a rather small fish. I had to duck out early, though, due to the many events I wrote about yesterday. Some... Read more »

This GEEKend: Spider-Gwen signing, The Real World, and Doctor Who-palooza

I’m gonna be up front with you, gentle reader- I’m having a hard time writing tonight. I found out that my former employer has been reading this blog. Now, they are using GGC content to fight my unemployment claim. It isn’t illegal, but the “evidence” they cobbled together is strange and humiliating. I’ll write more about it... Read more »

This GEEKend: Windycon, Blue Box Cafe, The Aurora Project, and Berlin

This evening, I am writing from The Westin Lombard/Yorktown Center. I’m all settled in the Chicago ‘burbs for Windycon 41: Grimm Tales. I do hope you can join me here! I’ll be hosting panels on geek culture, cosplay wigs, convention management, and more. I’ll be taking pictures, doing interviews, and meeting people all GEEKend! Registration... Read more »

5 Geeky Theatre Shows in Chicago this Month, September 2014

Three days ago, I promised a GEEKend events post.  I realized, though, that all relevant goings-on are long-running shows.  So, I’m tweaking the usual format. Here’s a special list of geeky theatre productions you can enjoy all month:   1. Hack/Slash – The comic book series Hack/Slash is a Chicago favorite.  Its writer, Tim Seeley, is... Read more »

This GEEKend: The Chicago Fringe Festival and MEGADUNGEON

I tell ya, it gets harder and harder to write GEEKend posts.  I get so many press releases!  It’s a nice problem to have, but SO many of them are not even geek-related.  It’s tough to find the gems. Thankfully, I put some real work into Inbox sorting this evening.  I can once again bring... Read more »

This GEEKend: Anime X Factor, Core Demo, and To Catch a Redditor

My laptop has been a butt for a few days.  …Metaphorically.  It keeps forgetting that it has a battery. So, I posted an event or two on Facebook while my computer decides whether or not it wants to croak. Things are looking up tonight!  While luck is with me, I’ll share a few happenings in Chicago... Read more »