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This GEEKend: Quake Collectibles, MuseCon, and the Mini Maker Faire

OK, that’s it- I NEED MY CAR BACK. My beloved EDI (yes, as in Mass Effect), has been in a body shop for three weeks.  I’ve had it. I can’t help that a tree fell on her during the derecho storms.  I can’t help that the car is too new for spare parts to be... Read more »

Hobby Lobby Boycott: Chicago's Alternate Fabric, Craft, Quilting, and Knitting Stores

Now that I’ve had a day to settle down, I’m finally ready to post about the Hobby Lobby contraception case.  WOW, was I angry yesterday!  For the uninformed, the Supreme Court ruled that private companies can opt out of covering several types of female birth control. The reasons cited by Hobby Lobby and Conestoga were... Read more »

4 Star Wars Day Fashions that Every Jedi Must Own

Today was one of those days when I see what a weird adult I’ve become.  I brought in donuts for my employees to celebrate Star Wars Day.  Then, I passed out daily schedules, which featured a picture of R2-D2 with a guitar.  I felt legitimately scorned when a co-worker announced “May the Fourth be with... Read more »

Geek Dates for V-Day and Beyond

So.  You’ve made the decision with your geeky beloved to have a “low key” Valentine’s Day, because it’s “a Hallmark holiday” and “not a big deal,” right?  Wrong.  I say that every year… and then get jealous of some chick with a dozen roses or Godiva chocolates or a Harry Potter LEGO set or pink... Read more »

Geeky Valentine's Swag... from the Comfort of Your Computer Chair!

Sometimes, I consider myself an expert on geek relationships. Other times, I freak out because I really haven’t had that many boyfriends, and I have a lot of male friends, and I see a lot of them only at conventions, and I sometimes dress up with people I’m not dating, and does that make me... Read more »