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I've Been Caught by the April Fools' Pokémon Game on Google Maps

I hate pranks. I still remember the time when my mother snapped the white parts off of some candy corn, and then told me she was eating her teeth.  I cried!  Granted, I was a small child.  I was considerably older, however, when she woke me up and told me I was late for school-... Read more »

This Valentine's Day GEEKend: Astronomy Club and Hank Frisco

My 2014 Valentine’s Day has been a bit of a bust.  I have a crippling migraine, and the gift I was going to buy myself sold out.  Bah!  At least I have a fantastic dinner from the geek guy later on. If you’re really itching for some date ideas, you can find mine from the... Read more »

Does My New Year's Resolution Suck??

Happy New Year, geeks!  Welcome to 2014.  We’ve only been here for 3 days, and I already need some feedback.  You see, I’m starting to worry that my New Year’s Resolution sucks.  I only made just one, as opposed to last year (FAIL), and well… I’m afraid it might make me a hypocrite. In 2014, I’m resolving... Read more »

Take Back Halloween: Historical, Cultural, Empowered Costumes for Women

Just got back from judging the Costume Contest at Nerd-o-Ween 2013.  Fun!!  This annual party, sponsored by the Chicago Nerd Social Club, always has the best costumes.  :) While searching for my own costume ideas, I came across Take Back Halloween.  I agree with this uplifting organization; women’s Halloween costumes can serve purposes other than... Read more »

10 Theme Ideas for Your Geeky Halloween Party

My favorite holiday is just around the corner- Halloween, Halloween, Halloween!!  Last year, I brought you Dos and Don’ts for Geeky Halloween Costumes. This year, I’m zooming out to address overall party themes. I know, I know, “Halloween” is sort of a theme by itself.  However, I believe in setting yourself apart.  Ask yourself: How... Read more »

Photo Recap: C2E2 Cosplay in the Chicago St. Patrick's Day Parade

The C2E2/ReedPop group from the front.  How many amazing characters can you count?
Remember how last year’s Chicago St. Patrick’s Day Parade was on a sunny, 80-degree day?  Remember how this year’s was just a degree or two above freezing?  I do.  I always will.  For a second, I actually thought I had to go to the hospital for my stinging, purple’d fingers… but it was worth it.... Read more »

5 Geeky Date Ideas for Valentine's Day in Chicago

I take geek romance very seriously.  It’s one of my favorite blogging topics, from themed gift ideas to advice for singles.  Today, I’m addressing the most common question I get: “What’s the best place in Chicago for a geeky date?” …OK, busted.  I totally did this last year.  However, I have even MORE to share in 2013!... Read more »

Valentine's Day is Magic: Romantic My Little Pony Gifts

With Valentine’s Day quickly approaching, it’s time to find the perfect gift for your very special somepony.  …Yep, I said “somepony.”  If your bf or gf is a fan of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, you have a huge pool of gifts to choose from.  Figurines and playsets are the most prevalent, but the... Read more »

5 Ways to Meet a Geeky Girlfriend or Boyfriend in Chicago

Last night, someone on Twitter asked if I was single… from his company’s account.  I found it unprofessional, but I also felt for him.  The month before Valentine’s Day can be lonely.  Thankfully, Chicago is filled with places to meet that very special geek guy or girl. Partially in response to this odd exchange, I’ve... Read more »

My 2013 New Year's Resolutions as a Geek Blogger

New Year’s Day is a time for goal-setting… especially when you didn’t receive a TARDIS or DeLorean time machine for Christmas.  I have several resolutions for 2013, from little to lofty.  Here’s my list: 1. I resolve to blog at least twice a week.  I’d prefer 3 or 4 times, but let’s be realistic, shall we?... Read more »