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I just learned about Galentine's Day!

A few days ago, I received a card in the mail from my friend Laura. Laura is a lovely friend I met through the Game of Thrones parties with Brewery Ommegang. She cosplays the Weirdwood and the Three-Eyed Crow- so cute! Anyway, Laura had replaced the “V” in “Valentine’s Day” with a “G.” Galentine’s Day.... Read more »

7 geeky date ideas for Valentine's Day in Chicago

Love it or hate it, Valentine’s Day is barreling toward us. I’ve always liked the holiday- and this is coming from someone who didn’t really have a boyfriend until college. When I was single, I’d throw parties for all of my loner friends. In times of commitment, I’d try to make Valentine’s Day interesting with... Read more »

My 2015 New Year's resolutions: one geeky, one not

New Year’s Eve last year was a disaster. I spent the first hours of 2014 in tears. I had just lost my Grandma Rose. Drinking, dancing, and partying seemed stupid. Then, NOT drinking, dancing, and partying because I was sad seemed stupid. As a result, I stayed on the couch and wallowed. From that day,... Read more »

The worst Doctor Who Christmas gift of all time

There are many, many holiday gift options for Doctor Who fans. The show is so massive that Whovians can find anything- a fish tank, toothbrush, even this potato peeler. Yeaaa, Time Lord merchandise has gotten weird. As a Doctor Who fan for a decade, I possess MORE than my fair share of these things. Some... Read more »

That Was My Idea Day - A new holiday for would-be geniuses

Tonight is ChicagoNow’s monthly Blogapalooz-hour. In 60 minutes, we CN bloggers are to write and publish on a surprise topic. The November challenge was “Invent a Holiday.” Here’s the thing, gentle reader. I invented a holiday that apparently already exists. I just spent the last 30 minutes writing about “Un-friend Day,” when we clean out... Read more »

My Childhood Self Chose an X-Files Costume over Friendship

Over fifteen years ago (6th grade? 7th grade?) I dressed up as Agent Dana Scully for Halloween. I was so into The X-Files back then. My friend Therese and I talked about it every day. We traded X-Files VHS tapes, comics… I remember using a toothpick to draw X logos on her nails. That show was... Read more »

I've Been Caught by the April Fools' Pokémon Game on Google Maps

I hate pranks. I still remember the time when my mother snapped the white parts off of some candy corn, and then told me she was eating her teeth.  I cried!  Granted, I was a small child.  I was considerably older, however, when she woke me up and told me I was late for school-... Read more »

This Valentine's Day GEEKend: Astronomy Club and Hank Frisco

My 2014 Valentine’s Day has been a bit of a bust.  I have a crippling migraine, and the gift I was going to buy myself sold out.  Bah!  At least I have a fantastic dinner from the geek guy later on. If you’re really itching for some date ideas, you can find mine from the... Read more »

Does My New Year's Resolution Suck??

Happy New Year, geeks!  Welcome to 2014.  We’ve only been here for 3 days, and I already need some feedback.  You see, I’m starting to worry that my New Year’s Resolution sucks.  I only made just one, as opposed to last year (FAIL), and well… I’m afraid it might make me a hypocrite. In 2014, I’m resolving... Read more »

Take Back Halloween: Historical, Cultural, Empowered Costumes for Women

Just got back from judging the Costume Contest at Nerd-o-Ween 2013.  Fun!!  This annual party, sponsored by the Chicago Nerd Social Club, always has the best costumes.  :) While searching for my own costume ideas, I came across Take Back Halloween.  I agree with this uplifting organization; women’s Halloween costumes can serve purposes other than... Read more »