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12 of my (mostly) geeky pet peeves

When one member of my household is sick, it is the other’s sovereign duty to go to Soupbox. This responsibility fell to me last night. I love Soupbox’s food, but loathe driving there. That area of Lakeview is just bursting with too many people and their abandoned cars. Thankfully, my journey was successful. I got... Read more »

Memorial Day kicks off the summer of sharing my childhood

When I was a teen (and even before that,) I loved to watch Road Rules on MTV. I downloaded the music. I pondered whether or not I could join the cast. My ultimate fave season was Latin America. My mom loved it, too (“We are so hunting spiders in Belize!!”) So, when The Real World/Road Rules Challenge... Read more »

Mordin Solus: The video game character that broke my heart

**WARNING: This post contains SPOILERS from the Mass Effect video games. …Though you really should have played them by now. **   Even though it has been three years since a new Mass Effect video game, the trilogy comes up in my life constantly. One friend is playing the titles for the first time. Another is producing... Read more »

3 types of plagiarism that go beyond copy and pasting

I was writing something else for GGC this evening- something more pleasant. Then, I was interrupted by a kind reader on Facebook. This person linked me to yet another website that has stolen my original work. I will not link the offending site here. It does not deserve the clicks. Since this helpful person reached out,... Read more »

April Fools' Day advice: How to tell if I've been replaced by an alien robot clone

I hate April Fools’ Day. As a kid, I was pretty rule-abiding and gullible. People would prank me, and I’d cry (MOM). So, instead of pranking you all, I’m giving some advice in case YOU get pranked. A popular sci-fi trope is the evil twin. In this bit, a hero is replaced by an android, clone,... Read more »

Happy Birthday! I unfriended you.

As I mentioned in my last, now infamous post, Thursday was my birthday. Almost 200 people posted b-day wishes on my personal Facebook wall. I was actually surprised. I received obligatory, two-word messages from high school classmates, cosplay fans, folks who’d met me at an improv show once, etc. What I’m saying is, I have... Read more »

I will NOT BE A GUEST at Chi-Fi 2015

I will officially NOT be appearing as a guest at Chi-Fi 2015. I know this decision is late, as the convention is this weekend. The truth is, I was giving Chi-Fi as long as possible to make right. Sadly, the laundry list of communication and compensation issues is too long. My name and likeness are still on... Read more »

A challenger appears: Unemployment!

Wow. The year 2015 is NOT effin’ around. January opened with a death in the family. Now, as of two days ago, I’m unemployed. Legally, I can’t say much about it. The short (and safe) version is that my previous employer did some major downsizing. I wasn’t fired- at first. I was put in a... Read more »

My 2015 New Year's resolutions: one geeky, one not

New Year’s Eve last year was a disaster. I spent the first hours of 2014 in tears. I had just lost my Grandma Rose. Drinking, dancing, and partying seemed stupid. Then, NOT drinking, dancing, and partying because I was sad seemed stupid. As a result, I stayed on the couch and wallowed. From that day,... Read more »

Neil deGrasse Tyson's Christmas Tweets were not anti-Christian

Neil deGrasse Tyson ruffled quite a few feathers this Christmas. Instead of recognizing the birth of Jesus on his Twitter, the astrophysicist and host of Cosmos acknowledged other truths about December 25th. Tyson’s Tweet about Isaac Newton’s birth became his most shared ever. However, these shares didn’t all come from folks who agreed. Thousands of people accused Tyson of... Read more »