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Chi-Fi 0 Recap: When in Doubt, Throw a Party

Lilith from Borderlands.
We’ve all heard the tale of how the original Chi-Fi concept was canceled.  Now, it’s time to recap the event that DID occur: Chi-Fi 0.  This one-day celebration was held on Saturday, March 29th, at the Palmer House Hilton.  It felt more like a party than a convention.  Sometimes, though- particularly after controversy- a party is exactly... Read more »

This GEEKend: Improvised X-Files, Bat-Hamlet, Chi-Fi, and Press Start to Drink

You can tell Spring is here.  Birds are chirping, Chicago cyclists are out on their bikes, and the amount of scheduled geeky events has EXPLODED.  *happy sigh* This list of highlights isn’t even comprehensive.  I’m skipping The Bad Wolf Scavenger Hunt, for example.  …I KNOW, skipping something called “Bad Wolf?” What has come over me??... Read more »

Northwest Indiana Comic Con 2014 Recap: A Strong Opening

Shredder and Michelangelo apparently put their differences aside.
I hardly ever get to take a Sunday off from my day job.  When I do, it’s for something really, really important.  This past Sunday, I was a VIP Guest and Cosplay Judge at the first-ever Northwest Indiana Comic-Con.  I’d say that’s important! NWI Comic-Con’s staff deserves a round of applause.  They knocked year 1... Read more »

This Week in Geek: Logan Arcade, School of Comics, and C2E2 Villains!

While I normally save events post for the weekend, there’s a LOT going on in Chicago that the sci-fi, fantasy, and gamer communities should know about.  The weather is warming up just in time, it seems!  We can all get out of the house and enjoy some fantastic fun. As I have so much to... Read more »

Capricon 34 Recap: If it Ain't Broke, Don't Fix It!

This tremendous pair of antlers was one of the first things I saw at Capricon 34.  This image really set the tone for the day.
At the beginning of February, I attended one of Chicago’s longest-running sci-fi conventions.  Capricon has existed for 34 revolutions around the sun.  Even so, the event manages to stay small.  The attendees are like a family; a large percentage comes back year after year. Capricon has a lot going for it.  The free cafe, filled... Read more »

This GEEKend: Capricon 34 and Anti-Valentine's Day with Game Pazzo

I FINALLY saw Disney’s Frozen yesterday.  I took all of my day job employees.  We enjoyed it far more than we expected!  Internet arguments aside, Frozen made me laugh, cry, and wish my sister were in the theater.  Afterward, my whole team felt better about Chicago’s below-zero temperatures.  We weren’t freezing- just “Letting It Go!”  Ha. Anyway,... Read more »

Chi-Fi, Westin River North, and the Importance of Social Media

You’ve heard the story by now, I’m sure.  Chi-Fi, an upcoming Chicago science fiction convention, was canceled this month. Staff members at The Westin River North allegedly called Chi-Fi’s attendees “freaks.”  The hotel also seemed put-upon by the con’s harassment policy.  Hoo boy.  (Read about the importance of harassment policies HERE.) This fiasco resulted in... Read more »

Leela, Far From Primitive: An Interview with Louise Jameson

Christmas has been successfully navigated- nailed it!  Today, I’ve been on Facebook and Twitter talking to readers about the geekiest gifts we all got.  I received a TARDIS hat along with bantha and tauntaun plushies.  The most relevant gift to this blog, though, was a remote flash for my camera.  My cosplay photography is going to be... Read more »

Con Alt Delete 2013 Recap: I Wasn't There, BUT...

Very creative- Sophie Hatter from Howl's Moving Castle at two different points in her journey.
Last weekend, a brand new convention was born.  Con Alt Delete (formerly Domo Con) is a fledgling anime con run by the folks behind Anime Midwest.  It was, unfortunately, the first event to fall prey to my wedding planning; I was unable to attend.  Thankfully, Geek Girl Jess- trusty photographer and friend- was on the scene... Read more »

This GEEKend: WhoProv, MacSith, and Con Alt Delete

Before I even get into this, gentle reader, you need to know that I am blogging between rounds of Peggle.  Someone downloaded it to my fiance’s Xbox months ago.  We rediscovered it, and I’m completely addicted!  So, forgive me if this whole entry appears a bit disjointed. I have a few warm, cozy, indoor events... Read more »