The heartbreaking happiness of downsizing

I just watched my Alice in Wonderland tea set walk out the door. Er, more accurately, its new owner took it. It's going to a fantastic home where it will be loved. Let me tell you though, gentle reader, parting with my geeky collectibles is hard.

A lot of life change is hitting me at the moment. My geek guy is headed for law school. As a result, we're moving to a smaller (but nicer) apartment to save money. We're going from a 3 bedroom + storage unit to a 2 bedroom, no storage. We must downsize. This means picking through my many collections- books, comics, costumes, action figures, and more- and deciding to what I can bid farewell.

Downsizing is healthy. I have so many material possessions that I honestly never look at, let alone touch. Some of them are valuable; we've sold some LEGO sets and Rose Tyler costume pieces to pay for the move. More important than money, though, is making people happy. A lot of my treasures could bring joy to people. My special things deserve special homes.

...It's starting to sound like I'm talking about living things and not inanimate objects, isn't it? Sorry. You know me. I get attached.

Anyway, my Alice in Wonderland tea set went to a darling GGC reader-turned-friend.

Three of my LEGO sets went to the children of fellow blogger Mary Tyler Mom.

My husband's old vacuum cleaner now tidies the rugs of Alcohollywood.

Pretty much all of my Doctor Who goodies (and a very noisy toy ray gun) went to WHO 37.

Some of my less-worn Rose Tyler clothes are going to girls who will actually show them off at conventions.

My Lara Croft backpack is going to Sincere Mommy, and will certainly help her on-the-go lifestyle as she cares for two under two.

My Super Mario toys went to my boss's son, who happens to be having a Mario-themed birthday this weekend and is PUMPED.

The list goes on, but you get the idea. Things that were just gathering dust on shelves or in our storage unit are finding new purpose. It's truly awesome, but it's also sad.

Downsizing means looking at things that once held great meaning and saying, "It's OK if I never see this again." It's acknowledging that my tastes have changed, and so have my hobbies, the people I share them with, and what I hold dear. It's realizing that I've grown up and don't need to hold a Yoshi plush while I sleep anymore, but maybe someday I could still want to... but not more than that kid would love to be with Yoshi on his birthday.

So goodbye, sweet bits of nostalgia. I'm not going to hoard you like a dragon sitting atop a treasure pile anymore. My apartment will obviously still have LEGO sets, musical instruments, and a life-sized shark head, but I'm only keeping the things I know I will love and acknowledge every day.

The next leg of this crazy journey will be traveled with a lighter load. <3

Have you parted with a prized collectible or nostalgic item? Comment with your story below!


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