My 3 favorite under eye concealers

Thanks to all of the geeky makeup reviews I've done, I've developed some strong opinions on cosmetics. I don't just wear indie brands, either. I shop around. I'll often mix-and-match drugstore makeup with high-end in hopes of finding a cost-effective combination. My perfect arsenal is pretty much built, with the exception of one thing: under eye concealer.

As a young geek girl, I dealt with acne. Keeping my pubescent skin clear was a nightmare. I'm also a compulsive nail-biter, scab-picker, and pimple-popper (so attractive.) To this day, I have dark circles under my eyes, no matter how much sleep I get. I guess it's a bone structure thing? Regardless, I have a wicked concealer habit.

I've never quite found my dream concealer. My dark circles are dark; multiple pro makeup artists have commented. The skin under my eyes is sensitive. The area was once so scaly and dry that a doctor on my college campus wondered if I had ringworm. I'm also sadly not 18 anymore, so I'm dealing with the beginnings of wrinkles. None of these traits are great for cosplay photos.

On the bright side, my constant experimentation has lead to quite a few verdicts. I have 3 favorite under eye concealers that I'm happy to plug. ...I also have a few you geekhearts should avoid.

I would say "go forth and find your favorite," but I can't. I haven't found my favorite in 10 years. Just go forth, have fun, and feel pretty. <3

Any other types of makeup you'd like ranked? Comment below!


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