The best places to celebrate Star Wars: The Force Awakens in Chicago

It's officially December, so my Star Wars fever is burning out of control. The entire world (minus my day job co-workers) is going crazy for The Force Awakens. I have my opening night tickets. Of course, I'm thinking about cosplay. I'm also hiding from spoilers as actively as I can, but it has been TOUGH.

Here in Chicago, Star Wars-inspired events are popping up left and right. The Chicago Wolves hosted Star Wars night. The Public House Theatre performed Stormtrooper Stories. I missed both, but it almost doesn't matter. If you want Star Wars this month, gentle reader, you will get it.

This is a comprehensive list of all Chicago-area Star Wars events in December 2015. I will keep updating it as Episode VII nears, so bookmark this page! Last updated 12/7:

ForceAwakensDecember 4th
"The Man Who Shot Luke Skywalker" (literally!) displays his professional Star Wars toy photography at Toy de Jour.
- Raks Geek promises that its belly dancing, fire, and flow will be better than the SW Holiday Special. $20+, 21+

December 5th
- The La Grange Public Library celebrates with Star Wars crafts and character photo ops.

December 10th
- The Geek Show by VStheUNIVERSE ups its talk show game with Star Wars content.

December 12th
- Bonus Round Games hosts Star Wars Game Day at the Sulzer Regional Library.
- The Chicago Jedi assemble for a Life Day meetup at Chikara Martial Arts in Plainfield.

December 13th
- EDGE Theatre's MacSith director/choreographer teaches lightsaber stage combat. $30.

December 16th
- The Whistler transforms into Mos Eisley Cantina. 21+
- Table, Donkey, and Stick cooks an elegant dinner themed around the films. $48.
Headquarters Beercade gives away a pinball machine in exchange for Jedi costumes and social media love.

December 17th
- Adler After Dark Side parties in the planetarium with trivia, costumes, observatory tours, and a film screening. $15+, 21+
- Star Wars marathons keep fans awake from 1AM at AMC Theatres.

December 18th
- Acrobatica Infiniti flies like the Millennium Falcon with a themed circus show.

All Month
- Under the Gun Theater presents Space Warps: Revenge of the Recaps so you don't have to watch the prequels ever again.
- Pick up some girly geek Star Wars fashion while it's hot. I got a Rock and Republic Hoth shirt from Kohls, and some adorable R2-D2 pajamas from Target. I've also completed my Cover Girl Star Wars makeup collection. Stuff like this really wasn't available for women at mainstream department stores until now. I guess Disney is responsible?


Thanks to all of the folks contributing ideas on Facebook and Twitter. Did I miss a Chicago-area Star Wars event? Let me know below, and may the Force be with you.


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