10 holiday party games that aren't Cards Against Humanity

Let me start by saying this: I love Cards Against Humanity. I know one of the game's creators and several other employees. It has been a joy to watch a local company grow. I think CAH does amazing things for charity. Their Black Friday social commentary is on-point. They are great gift givers and supporters of the arts. Cards Against Humanity is a national treasure and deserves its fame.

All that said, could we please play something else at holiday parties?! My day job had me play it with near-strangers from other departments. It was awkward. My friends and I played it last night before screening the Star Wars Holiday Special. It was fun, but everyone kept commenting on their favorite past combos. We weren't enjoying Cards Against Humanity; we were enjoying memories of Cards Against Humanity, instead.

I'll be retiring CAH from my holiday get-togethers, at least for now. There are so many board and card games enjoy. Branch out! Have fun! Here are ten of my other favorites. These games are easy to learn, quick to play, and great even for non-geeks. Give at least one a shot:

I own and genuinely adore all of these. My co-workers have already asked for another round of Spyfall, and yesterday, DiXit was a hit (after Cards Against Humanity was done, of course.) If any of my selections sound fun, consider buying one as a holiday gift. Games are meant for sharing!

FYI, I know other awesome games exist. The above list was chosen based on quickness and ease of use. I can recommend many, many more favorites if you're interested, gentle reader. I'll probably write about fandom-based games in the future, as well as ones that take more than 2 hours.

Let me know what kinds of board, card, and tabletop games you like below!


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