6 Reasons Why Codsworth is the Best Fallout 4 Companion




As you may have gathered from my TOTAL ABSENCE, I've been playing Fallout 4 like crazy. A few of my friends have finished it, but you know me. I have to explore every inch of The Commonwealth before I let the experience end.

I didn't love the game at first. It felt like it was trying too hard to revisit Fallout 3. "Look! Your favorite things! The Brotherhood of Steel! Mole rats! The Children of Atom! A doggie!!" Nothing new was surfacing. Then, I reached Diamond City, and everything changed. Fallout 4 is absolutely its own Bethesda game.

Perhaps the toughest choice to make in-game (plot choices aside) is which companion to travel with. Fallout 4 offers 13 diverse potentials. If you stay with a companion long enough, they "idolize" you and trigger a special perk. Sadly, there isn't enough game to max out all 13. The Lone Survivor must choose wisely.

My favorite companion, even after dozens of hours of gameplay, is one of the first available: Codsworth.


Codsworth is a Mister Handy robot that served your family before the bombs dropped. He's the best. Once I've gotten all of the companion perks I want, I'm going to go back, grab Codsworth, and make sure I finish the journey with him. He's just that good. Here's why:

1. He's adorably loyal. While most companions are stumbled upon in the post-war Commonwealth, Codsworth is old school. He waits for your family for over 200 years. It isn't just his programming, either (OK, maybe it is.) Codsworth's dialogue makes me feel like he truly loves the Lone Survivor. This level of robotic loyalty hasn't melted my heart since Robo's garden in Chrono Trigger.

2. He doesn't use Stimpaks. Human companion AI in Fallout 4 is unfortunately still lacking. Piper, in particular, runs into battle, almost immediately gets shot down, and requires a Stimpak for health. I was giving up 5 Stimpaks a battle trying to keep her alive- not true for Codsworth! He's a robot. He doesn't need health packs. Instead, he goes into a sort of idling rest mode for a bit, then comes raging back. Granted, Nick Valentine doesn't need Stimpaks, either. Valentine still doesn't compare to my main Mister Handy.

3. He can melee AND deal damage over time. Most companions hold one weapon at a time. Codsworth strikes swiftly with a buzz saw arm and brandishes a flamethrower. He can one-shot many wild animals, ghouls, even raiders. The ones that get past him still end up on fire. He's just a terror on the battlefield.

4. He hands out Purified Water. It's not that I need more Purified Water. I'm more just excited that Codsworth does this at all. It's a nice homage to the Mister Handy that lives in the player's house in Fallout 3. I imagine this being particularly useful for PC users modding their games to require regular food and drink intake.

5. He's hilarious. On the surface, Codsworth is a posh butler stereotype. He hates dirt, loves order, and generally makes a fuss when his expectations aren't met. As I traveled with him, though, I realized his personality is way more nuanced and funny. He genuinely thinks torching things with a flamethrower is cleanly (this raises quite a few questions about Mister Handy safety in the household.) My favorite Codsworth memory saw him chasing down a harmless, two-headed, irradiated deer because it looked "disgusting." The deer was faster, so the chase took both characters off into the horizon. I wasn't sure I'd see Codsworth ever again. Then, minutes later, he hovered up alongside me. "Guess they decided we were too much trouble, eh?" he chortled. A deer outran him, and instead of fessing up, Codsworth acted like he was an intimidating boss. I laughed out loud.

6. Finally, he says my name. As we've learned through several hilarious Internet videos, Codsworth can say over 900 names. There's something really special about hearing "Miss Lauren!" being called across the Wastes. It's comforting. Immersive. Caring. Wonderful. ...and something I can make fun of my husband over. Codsworth can say "Boobies" and several expletives, but not "Clayton." Ahahahaha~

So, who's your favorite Fallout 4 companion and why? Tell me below!


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