REVIEW: Ghostbusty, Gorilla Tango's Ghostbusters Burlesque

It had been a while since I'd seen a burlesque show at Gorilla Tango. My last one was A Nude HopeSince that initial Star Wars-inspired production, geeky burlesque troupes and shows have sprung up like crazy in Chicago. At Gorilla Tango alone, you can sit for an evening and watch at least three in a row. I was invited to see Ghostbusty, their Ghostbusters show.

...I mean, it's October. Halloween is coming. Why WOULDN'T I go see sexy Ghostbusters??

I brought my geek guy. Our friend (a burlesque virgin and HUGE Ghostbusters fan) met us in Bucktown. The mood was set properly with Ghostbusters soundtrack music. The show's opening rule delivery was cute and in-world. We were ready for some hotness.



My overall verdict is that I got exactly what I signed up for. Ghostbusty hits every major beat from the first film- with some naughty twists. The dowdy library ghost from the movie becomes a tantalizing tease. Janine is way more forward with Egon. Egon's Twinkie's metaphor isn't compared to MANhattan, but instead, Winston's MANhood. the way, it's an all female cast. The characters are the male classics, but... you get the idea.

Ghostbusty mixes sensuality with humor the whole way. There are jokes about the 80s. Ghosts from other franchises make appearances. I laughed out loud when Zuul and Vinz Clortho (in dog form, of course) showed their "boobs." The standout comedic character is Louis Tully. I didn't know there could so perfectly be a female Rick Moranis in this world, but there is.

If you're going for flashy special effects, well... you're doing burlesque wrong. It's worth saying, though, that Gorilla Tango's props are of the classic DIY variety. Some of them work spectacularly (the fridge/HQ combo,) while others (Slimer's ghost trap) sort of clunk along.

Music and lighting cues could be brushed up on, but the music CHOICES are impeccable. I Believe I Can Fly plays over the show's funniest choreography. I'm frankly surprised my lungs still work after how much I screamed when Gozer entered to Personal Jesus.

I wanted a Sexy Slimer. I got one. I wanted a Sexy Stay Puft, and by golly, I got one- complete with melting and explosion effects. I'm sad there was no sexy colander dance for Louis Tully, but that's OK- Dana's number was hot enough for the two of them. Best of all, I saw four confident ladies with refreshingly diverse body types strip down and suit up to bust ghosts. Bustin' makes me feel good!

Ghostbusty doesn't break any new ground in the popular geek burlesque genre, but it's a great choice for the Halloween season. I'm glad it was my friend's first burlesque show. This production is a fun precursor to the all-female Ghostbusters film on the horizon. There couldn't be a better time for Ghostbusty to exist, so...



Ghostbusty: A Ghostbusters Burlesque. NOW PLAYING, Saturdays  at 10:30 PM thru 12/19/15. Gorilla Tango Theatre, 1919 N. Milwaukee. $28. Rated R, 18+ only! Official Site * Facebook * Twitter


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