Geek Girl Chicago meets Geek Girl Brunch

I spent this morning at a lovely gathering of geek girls. Geek Girl Brunch launched a Chicago branch earlier this year. Today, they held their second meeting in the area. It was Sailor Moon-themed, so duh- I HAD TO GO.

A few people I already knew were there: my friend and fellow cosplayer, Jennie, Monica from Geeks-a-Go-Go, and Yasmin from Geek Grubs. Hey girl hey! Everyone else was a new face. I met at least a half dozen new people (Hi, Hannah!) I definitely can never have too many friends. :)

Worth noting: Most of the new people all knew about Geek Girl Chicago. Totally flattering. I'm definitely motivated to get writing again.

The organizers put a lot of effort into the brunch. Everyone received an adorable goodie bag filled with Sailor Moon swag- the best part of the gathering. All pieces were home made with love! Each bow, cell phone charm, and sticker were different. This made for great conversation starting. I got a Sailor Jupiter bow, Neptune sticker, and Luna/Artemis charm. Kawaii! The bow and charm now live on my purse, and my sticker adorns my cell phone.

The venue, Cozy Corner Pancake House, seemed like a great place with lots of parking and seating. Unfortunately, the staff was not ready to accommodate such a large group. We waited outside for quite a while. The poor, lone server in charge of our entire table looked unhappy and overwhelmed. I don't really blame her, but yikes! On the bright side, my caramel apple french toast was ~so~ yummy.

The mission of Geek Girl Brunch isn't... super clear? The group obviously wants to unite geek girls. Given how the Chicago branch is trying to establish itself, however, I would've appreciated a clearer mission explanation. One of the officers mentioned the "stuff going on" with geek women. Yes, there's a lot- but my issues as a female gamer, cosplayer, and blogger might not be identical to everyone else's. I'd love some specific news and/or talking points at a future meeting.

I did appreciate the diversity of the group. The ethnicity of the table was very mixed- refreshing, given how so many gatherings skew toward people who look just like me. Hopefully, more age and gender-diverse "geek girls" feel empowered to come. The leaders made it clear that all- even people who identify as male- are welcome.

All in all, I had a rad time. I loved talking about the Sailor Moon reboot with some nice girls over tasty food. I probably won't go to the next one at Geek Bar, but I heard an X-Files theme is on the way. Oh my yes. :) I never miss a chance to be Dana Scully.

Here are some photos from the gathering! If you'd like more info, check out Geek Girl Brunch's official site or Chicago Facebook group. I also recommend Cafe Mustache and Nakama Toys- awesome places that geek girls visited post-brunch.

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