This GEEKend: Anime World Expos and Lake Count-i-Con

I'm having a hard time typing because my geek guy has a friend over. They are watching Dune- the David Lynch movie- at an unimaginable volume. I dislike the film. The husband, however, loves it deeply and without irony. I... do not understand. Aaaaagh!!

Anyway, my Dragon Con costumes are nearing completion. Yuna just needs some darts and trim and will be done. Morrigan needs a sleeve, and her shoulder armor is about 2 of 10 coats of gesso in. I can see that finish line glistening!! ...I'm not there yet, though. I also have to work Saturday. So, I won't be attending any cool events this GEEKend.

For those with enviable time on your hands, there will be TWO conventions in the area:

Anime World Expos - I've never been to this convention, but a few of my friends appear in its promo pics. I'd like to think my friends don't advertise junk. ;) Not to be confused with Anime Expo, Anime World Expos celebrates Japanese animation and culture. The guest list is small, but covers multiple media- voice acting, writing, music, and martial arts. The most unique event on tap is a live reading of Japanese Fairy Tales. I love seeing so many workshops- dancing, inking, tea ceremony, and more. Plus, the Westin Lombard has proven itself as a convention-friendly venue time and time again. (Friday, August 28th-Sunday, August 30th, 2015. The Westin Lombard Yorktown, 70 Yorktown Shopping Center. $20-65. Official Site * Twitter.)

Lake Count-i-Con - Whereas AWX is more programming-based, Lake Count-i-Con is a pop culture trade show. Over 500 booths filled with artists, vendors, crafters, etc. will sell their geeky wares. Local cosplayers have been invited as guests, which I appreciate. My favorite part of Lake Count-i-Con is its presence in the community. Related events pop up at local comic shops, bowling alleys, even Buffalo Wild Wings. It's clear that Northern Illinois loves its con! (Saturday, August 29th-Sunday, August 30th, 2015. Lake County Fairgrounds, 1060 E. Peterson, Grayslake. $5 for adults, military and kids under 12 FREE. Official Site * Twitter * Facebook.)

Promotional banner for Lake Count-i-Con

Psst! I was also asked to mention that Acrobatica Infiniti's After Dark shows wrap up this Friday. I've covered them twice already, so a full writeup isn't really necessary; just go check out the fandom circus. May they break a leg- but only metaphorically.  <3


Well, Dune is finally over. ...That is, until geek guy invites another friend over to watch it again. Marriage can be tough, ya'll. ;p


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