The Blackhawks and Final Fantasy VII: the happiest day on the Internet

Let's simply soak it up for a minute, Chicago.

The Blackhawks just defeated the Lightning, bringing The Stanley Cup home. The sports geeks are rejoicing.

Sony just wrapped up their E3 announcements which, among other titles, contained The Last Guardian and a Final Fantasy VII remake. The gamer geeks are rejoicing.

On this evening, for the first time, every drop of negativity has been wiped from my Facebook feed. The usual jeering and clawing over politics, poverty, parenting, climate change, race, and religion are silent. Geeks of every kind- PEOPLE- are rejoicing!

I've never seen such a happy moment on the Internet. I don't really have a point beyond that. I'm just elated. I'm hopeful, too, that someday, something is going to bring this world together more permanently than one night of sports and video games. This is a good start.

Thank you, 6/15/15, for the moment of joy, in which friends of all types were happy.

Now, I'm waiting on that Chelsea Dagger/FFVII Theme mashup, people. Get on it. I'll be right here, drinking one beer for the Hawks, and pouring another out for Aerith Gainsborough.

Now someone please Photoshop this Chocobo into the Stanley Cup!!

Now someone please Photoshop this Chocobo into the Stanley Cup!!


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