This GEEKend: Karoshi-Con, Danger Room, and Trek Trivia

I just got some lovely news: The Chicago Video Game Law Summit, where I am speaking tomorrow, has sold out! I'm thrilled that the event has gathered such support. In the wake of GamerGate, a reasonable, educational discussion is VITAL. That said, I feel pretty intimidated. Most of the sample questions I received were well outside of my expertise. I hope being a passionate writer in modern, geek culture is enough!

This brings me to another, tangentially-related point. I often get complaints that my GEEKend posts come too late. "Things sell out." I totally get that, gentle reader. There's a solution, however- it's following me on Facebook and Twitter! I use social media to sound the alarm every time I hear about something cool. I share events months in advance, including the also-this-weekend, also-sold-out Crawl Beyond the Wall. Social media is how I keep YOU informed, while keeping my blog less promotional and bogged down.

So please, follow the greater GGC empire. <3 That way, you'll hear about events just like these, further in advance:



Danger Room: A Game Show - One year ago (wow, time flies,) I appeared on stage as a supervillain with The Planetary Defense Force. Audience members threw dodgeballs at me. It was rad. Now, PDF's Andy North has a new project: Danger Room. This production is an interactive game, where "80s cartoons meet Dungeons and Dragons." Audience members can volunteer to battle bad guys, overcome obstacles, or just watch (if they are boring.) There's music. There's improv. There's a kinda sci-fi looking raygun or something on the Facebook page. Tomorrow is Danger Room's LAST PERFORMANCE, so make it happen! (Friday, March 27th, 2015. 11PM-1AM. Strawdog Theatre's Hugen Hall, 3829 N. Broadway. $5.)

Promo image for Danger Room



Karoshi-Con: Northern Illinois University's Anime Association has been holding this FREE convention since 2010. The event strives to keep its programming welcoming and PG-rated. Karoshi gets just a bit bigger each year. 2015's layout includes a tabletop gaming room, video gaming, panels, vendors, and a viewing room. The traditional gaming tournament schedule is up. However, I'm not seeing a video game schedule, or main programming calendar. The cosplay contest is at 7PM, according to Facebook. Normally, I avoid events without info, but parking and attendance are free. If you're looking for a place to wear a costume, try it out! (Saturday, March 28th, 10AM-10PM. NIU Holmes Student Center, 340 Carroll Ave., DeKalb. FREE. Official Site * Facebook.)

Promo image for Karoshi-Con


Resistance is Futile: A Star Trek Pub Quiz - An organization called Geeks Who Drink frequently hosts pub trivia in Chicago. This Saturday, though, is extra special. Geeks Who Drink is holding a Star Trek-specific quiz at over 30 locations nationwide. Truly, resistance is futile! Topics will cover all seasons of the live action TV series, plus the films associated with TOS and TNG. While Geeks Who Drink may include a question or two about the reboot, we're all going to pretend Into Darkness didn't happen. Cosplay is encouraged. (Saturday, March 28th, 2015. 4PM. Vintage Lounge, 1449 W. Taylor. $5. Facebook)

Promo image for Resistance is Futile Star Trek Trivia


As if it weren't already a super-busy weekend, I'm re-joining my boys at Caffeinated Comics on Saturday. I've also recently chopped my hair short, read all of Sagaapplied for a million zillion jobs, and wondered why the MSI dog still hasn't found a home. Look! She has a new princess picture!! I can't take it anymore!!!! *gurgle*

Ahem. Let me know if you'll be attending any of these events, and be sure to tell me about ones I missed.


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