This GEEKend: Improvised Star Trek, Time Crash, and supporting CHIditarod

Putting together this GEEKend post, I discovered one event on my calendar had been canceled. Whoa! I've never experienced that so close to an event date before. Sadly, due to low ticket sales, CHIditarod's fundraiser "SuperRodders vs. CHIditaVillains" isn't happening.

What a shame. CHIditarod is such a cool event (no pun intended.) It deserves support. Over 400 volunteers come together for the annual shopping cart race. Art is assembled, carts are sabotaged, beer is drunk- but most importantly, food is collected for The Chicago Food Depository.

So, listen up, ya'll. If you want to have fun and participate in events like an epic, urban race, remember that they aren't free. Show your support year-round for the events you enjoy. CHIditarod and others like it work hard to provide fun and charity. They shouldn't have to cancel their fundraiser, when the race itself is a month away. Sigh.

On the bright side, there's still a cool thing happening this GEEKend!


SUNDAY, February 8th:

Improvised Star Trek - The crew of the USS Sisyphus has been performing their latest live run since January. They create a brand new episode of Star Trek each week, from scratch. This weekend's show, however, is extra special to me. My friends in Time Crash, the Doctor Who-inspired "trock" band, will be the opening act! This Sunday, your ticket will get you awesome, geeky comedy AND awesome, geeky music. <3 (Sunday, February 8th, 2015. 8:30 PM. iO Theatre, 1501 N. Kingsbury. $12, tickets available HERE.)

Improvised Star Trek Chicago actors

Loving the new cast photo, guys!


I adore my buddies at IST, but I want MORE! Send any events related to fandom and geekery to: geekgirlchicago(at)gmail(dot)com.

I gotta get to guitar lessons. See you later, gentle reader- and please, don't ask me to play any songs. My fingers hurt. Callouses, when will you arrive?!  >_<


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