This GEEKend: Uchi-Con, Berlin, and Super Bowl Alternatives

I swear, you give Chicago a 10-degree temperature increase, and EVERYBODY wants to go outside! I am no exception. I'm thrilled to have enough events in my Inbox, again, to warrant a "This GEEKend" post. I'm even publishing it on a Wednesday, due to popular demand. <3

Sunday, of course, is Super Bowl XLIX. The Patriots will face the Seahawks. ...I had to Google that. I will probably watch the game, simply because this is the first year I can. Up until now, I've worked every Sunday since college. Woof!

If football isn't your thing, here are some other ways to enjoy Friday, Saturday, and Super Bowl Sunday:



All Geeks @ Berlin: Star Wars vs. Star Trek - All Geeks, the inclusive geek collective, will be hosting another, nerdy variety show at Berlin Nightclub. Burlesque! Magic! Drag! This time, the cast is settling the age-old debate, Star Wars vs. Star Trek. (Porque no los dos??) Cosplayers can get $2 off cover before midnight, and participate in an optional runway walk. After the show, DJ Greg Haus will be hosting Cosmix Fridays, with electronica/indie/alternative music til 4AM. Whether you love Wookiees or Worf, Han or Kirk, you can dance your face off. (Friday, January 30th, 2015. 10PM-4AM. Berlin Nightclub, 954 W. Belmont. Geeks Out * Sugar Gamers * OutLoud Chicago)

 Promo image for All Geeks at Berlin



Uchi-Con - This is the second year in a row that I'm missing the University of Chicago's one-day anime convention. Noooo! I love it so much, and it's FREE! ;o; The campus- particularly with snow- provides exquisite venues for photography. The Artist Alley often features creators from the college. There's a nice game room, raffle, and usually a few key speakers. My favorite part is the food. Uchi-Con has TWO (cash-only) cafes- one Asian cuisine, the other desserts. Mmmm! Check out my photos from 2013's Uchi-con. Jess still might go, so if you get a GGC business card, don't be shocked. :) (Saturday, January 31st, 2015. 10AM-6PM. Ida Noyes Hall, University of Chicago, 1212 E. 59th St. FREE! Official Site * Facebook)

Promo image for UChicon 2015

A Song of Ice and Fire/Game of Thrones Meetup - Twitter follower @COMMON_TONGUES reached out to me about this new club. Starting this Saturday, Chicago fans of A Song of Ice and Fire/Game of Thrones will be meeting and discussing the works. The group's organizer hopes that members will re-read the books, and/or re-watch the show. This Saturday will be an interest-gathering Meetup. After Saturday, the club aspires to meet each Sunday. Check it out, even if you're brand new to Westeros! (Saturday, January 31st, 2015. 7:30 PM. Burke's Public House, 5401 N. Broadway. FREE. Meetup.)



Nacho Average Super Bowl Party - If you're a geek who still wants to watch the big game, Headquarters River North has ya covered. For 20 bucks, football and arcade fans can score 2 drinks and unlimited access to a nacho bar. This nacho bar, by the way, promises to be EPIC. Chip adornments will include skirt steak, pork shoulder, shrimp, and braised chicken. So, when I say "nacho bar," I really mean "MEAT BAR, AWW YEA!" ...I suppose the pinball machines and such will be there, too. ;) (Sunday, February 1st, 2015. 5:30 PM. Headquarters River North, 213 W. Institute. $20, buy tickets HEREOfficial Site * Facebook)

Promo image for Headquarters Super Bowl party

Refuge of the Damned - Ah, here it is- the football-free event you've been waiting for. If the Super Bowl just isn't your jam, you can head over to Logan Arcade for a day of geekery. All pinball machines will be set to Free Play. Free snacks will be provided by Chicago Vegan Foods and Cafe Mustache. Of course, you shouldn't just chow down on free stuff- beer cans will be $2 off. Instead of the Super Bowl, Logan Arcade will be showing a Star Trek marathon. Dungeons& Dragons (including pre-built characters for n00bs) starts at 6. ...Did you catch The Simpsons reference, btw? (Sunday, February 1st, 2015. Noon-2AM. Logan Arcade, 2410 W. Fullerton. FREE + drinks. Official Site * Facebook)


Woo-hoo! Sports! Get all the points at every chance! Make the goaldowns!!

...Actually, I shouldn't joke. I know exactly how football works. My childhood was filled with Bears games on TV (thanks, Mom!) Frankly, if I have to explain a two-point conversion to my husband again, I'll lose my mind.

Super Bowl or no, enjoy the GEEKend. Post below with which events you'll be attending, or any I may have forgotten. <3


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