Con Alt Delete 2014 RECAP: Ah, to be young.

Last weekend, I returned to my roots- I went to an anime convention. Con Alt Delete 2014 took place at the Hyatt Regency O'Hare, the same hotel as my first convention ever. That was thirteen years ago. So, a wall of nostalgia hit me the second I entered.

Con Alt Delete is a young people's con. I saw many teen fans with parental accompaniment. The unsupervised lot was literally running around with glee, or sprawled out on the floor. I'm not gonna be a grumpy old lady about it. I remember that feeling- the gladness of finding "your people."  ...Though I'd never lie on the ground in a hand-made cosplay, even at that age. ;)

Friday was low-key. I arrived early, and really shouldn't have. People were still at work, in class, etc. My badge took a while to locate; the reg line was empty, but I hadn't spotted the hand-drawn sign. Whoops!

After registration, I spent a few hours mostly sitting in the lobby, watching V is for Villains haul equipment. Cosplayers finally started popping up around 3PM. Con Alt Delete is growing, but remains a Saturday-heavy event.

The quiet of Friday did allow me a laid-back look at the artists and dealers. These were the best of any Con Alt Delete thus far. I can't speak to the Maid Cafe or Consweet, as they were closed until I left the hotel. I have heard from several GGC readers, though, that they loved both.

On Saturday, Jess took photos on Geek Girl Chicago's behalf. She dressed as Bulma from Dragon Ball. The costume got recognized by voice actor Sonny Strait (Krillin.) So cool!! Small cons are rad for guest interaction.

Of course, there was COSPLAY. Homestuck remained the most popular costuming choice, followed  by Kill la Kill. Con Alt Delete also provided quite a few cosplay surprises. I spotted rare characters from Phoenix Wright, Final Fantasy X-2, and SCP Foundation. The biggest shocker was 2-D from the defunct Gorillaz. Jess and I both love Gorillaz more than we have words for. ;o;

Long story short, people come to Con Alt Delete to hang out- not so much to show off giant costumes or buy high-end merch. This event knows what it is, and caters to that purpose. The Maid Cafe, Consweet, and other communal areas provide oodles of chill space.

I did feel kind of too old for the whole thing. I guess we can't stop the clock, eh? Thankfully, the Dealers' Room had Evangelion figs, and a Viewing Room was screening Tenchi Muyo. My generation of anime is still around, hidden in the corners of Con Alt Delete.

Here are the cosplay photos.

The weekend was a pleasure to photograph. Many cosplayers were new to the scene, and not used to posing. I'm happy to offer documentation as their art just starts to grow. <3

If you saw yourself in the gallery, comment below! Thanks for a lovely time, Con Alt Delete.


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