My Childhood Self Chose an X-Files Costume over Friendship

Over fifteen years ago (6th grade? 7th grade?) I dressed up as Agent Dana Scully for Halloween. I was so into The X-Files back then. My friend Therese and I talked about it every day. We traded X-Files VHS tapes, comics... I remember using a toothpick to drawlogos on her nails. That show was our world, so when Halloween came around, we HAD to be Mulder and Scully.

Therese, however, was not my "best friend" at the time. No- in grade school, girls were very particular about having a singular "best friend." My bestie was Monica. I absolutely would not go Trick-or-Treating without her. I decided Monica could be an alien. She'd look awesome, and our X-Files group would be even better!

Well, we had a huge problem. Monica had never seen The X-Files. She had no interest in it. My Scully costume (a.k.a. my moms's suit) was not negotiable. Dangit, I wanted Monica's presence AND an X-Files costume group. So, I did what any kid would do: I declared the argument "two against one," and told Monica that she could only come with us if she was an alien.

You can see how things turned out.

Ouch. I was a huge jerk that Halloween. I feel bad to this day, despite the easy "I was just a child" justification. Monica was so unhappy. It messed up our friendship forever. Hardly anybody recognized our costumes, either, which proves a bad attitude doesn't pay off.

Honestly, I didn't learn for years. I stayed a costume bully for a long time. I can't explain it. I tried SO HARD to be a nice person! If someone was cosplaying with me, though, I felt entitled to comment on their fabric choices, choose their wigs, etc. Today, I'm lucky I have any cosplay friends at all.

I decided to reprise Dana Scully for Halloween this year. I'm still Facebook friends with Monica and Therese. So, I saw 2014 as an opportunity to gain closure. I also wanted to perfect the outfit, now that I'm an actual cosplayer.

I scoured my local thrift store for a perfectly-pointy blouse. I found it, along with a blazer with giant shoulder pads. I searched for months for the wig. The costume really came together thanks to badges from sctcartsPROPS on etsy. Best of all, my geek guy dressed as Fox Mulder. Swoon!

Man, this deserved way more love on imgur than it got!

Man, this deserved way more love on imgur than it got!

I'd like to say I was less of a jerk this time around, but... hrm. I was definitely a raging perfectionist. I also said regrettable things about my husband's pleated pants. I even got super-competitive toward a friend who dressed as Scully, AND a stranger dressed as Scully on the Internet. I WILL NEVER MEET THIS PERSON IN REAL LIFE! WHY AM I JUDGING THEM?!

You know, this was supposed to be a post about how much I've matured, but...



We never really grow up, do we?

I hope you at least like the costume, gentle reader... and Monica, wherever you are, I'm sorry.


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