Windycon 41 RECAP: Thank you, thank you, thank you

I'm having a tough time starting my recap of Windycon 41. The weekend was a whirlwind. Never before have I worked so hard at a convention. I was Fan Guest of Honor, and wow- being the ultimate fan is FUN.

I arrived at the Westin Lombard on Thursday, November 13th. I checked in, and immediately learned something about myself: I have an aversion to personal assistance. Even though I needed help carrying my bags, I didn't want it. I didn't understand the need for an escort to my room. People knocked on my door with news, my badge, a lovely gift basket. Each time, I felt awkward- COMPLETELY honored, but awkward. Heh. <3

I repeatedly wondered why I was chosen as a GoH. Thankfully, Windycon gave me jobs that reminded me what I'm good at. I sat on panels about geek culture, cosplay wigs, convention management, and more. The friends I made on those panels were awesome (Hi, Matrices!) I hope we stay in touch.

Just like with any con, Windy's quality varied from event to event. The masquerade was honestly the most organized show I've judged. When I was called to do dramatic readings of song lyrics, however, the entire panel showed up empty-handed. We hadn't known to prepare. In the end, Catherynne Valente and I read the timeless works of Jason Derulo, Justin Bieber, Pitbull, and Ke$ha. It worked out.

This was my third Windycon, but I experienced many firsts. It was my first stay at the Westin Lombard. What a great hotel! Comfy beds! Full-length mirror! Microwave! It was also my first experience with Windy's late-night room parties. My favorite was the Evil League of Evil shindig. Geek Bar Chicago designed award-winning drinks for it, and my husband and I did a photoshoot with Doctor Horrible himself.

Windycon isn't known for its cosplay. Thankfully, Jess was in the room during Masquerade pre-judging. After my group spoke to each contestant, she snapped a pic. Here are the talented costumers of Windycon 41- and a few other surprises!

Thank you, thank you, thank you. Windycon staff, thank you for assembling a world-class event. I felt respected, cared for, and BUSY the whole time. Windycon attendees, thank you for hearing me speak, asking great questions, and throwing rad parties. Oh, and thanks for the ribbons. Thank you, hotel. Thank you, husband. Thank you, kitten and giant bunny that I got to pet. You were all fantastic.


COMING SOON: Pictures from the PlayCHIC Fashion Show.

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