Valar Morghulis: Pictures from the Latest Game of Thrones Ommegang Beer Party

My current temperature is 102.3. Bronchitis! Nearly pneumonia! Don't worry, gentle reader; I'm on antibiotics and getting lots of rest. This constant feeling of burning, however, has proven one thing: I am not really the Khaleesi, the Unburnt, the Mother of Dragons. I'd bet Daenerys Targaryen from Game of Thrones never gets a fever... or at least she isn't bothered by them. Whew.

A Song of Ice and Fire is once again on my mind. Nobody is surprised, I'm sure. I just finished another Game of Thrones beer party.

Last Thursday, Lakeshore Beverage celebrated Brewery Ommegang's latest brew- Valar Morghulis. The venue was Moonlight Studios. Geek Bar provided the food, layout, and a tasty beer cocktail. Strange Brews Podcast was on-hand to record a live broadcast. Nerdette Podcast and The Harp Twins rounded out this all-star geek team. What a crew!

Each attendee was given a coin purse at the door. All night, people could wheel and deal for coins against the Bank of Braavos or the Faceless Assassin. As one of the masters, I gave coins to costume contest hopefuls.

Over 20 beautiful costumes entered. The clear winner was Lysa Arryn (a.k.a. Lysa Tully.) Mama came equipped with Rumchata-filled breasts. I'm serious. Somewhere on the Internet, there's a picture of me, um... nursing?

Anyway, I sent non-costumers to find my three dragons. I gotta say- I became really attached to those figurines. Drogon, Rhaegal, and Viserion are all SDCC exclusives. I know, I know, I shouldn't bring such precious things to a public event. Thankfully, they all made it home! Rhaegal was stolen at one point, but was rescued when his captors were found taking selfies. This inspired the hashtag #killthethief from at least one patron.

...The event's real hashtag, btw, was #allmenmustbeer. Check it out on Twitter!

At night's end, the gent who gathered the most coins was a punk version of The Hound. He earned himself a free tip to New York! Wow!! I spoke to The Hound later. He actually won the prize for his two friends. They are getting married, and the trip is his wedding gift to them. Awwww~!

Well, I believe I've rambled enough. I'm sure you came here for the photos. Just like last time, photographer Jess was taking pics for GGC. The results are stellar!

Did you spot yourself in a photo? Do you just like what you see? All men must comment. ;)


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