13 Halloween Gravestones for Dead Game of Thrones Characters



Earlier today, my friend Julie Hammerle posted a homemade Halloween decoration on Facebook. It was a paper tombstone, with the words "Here lies Ned. He lost his head." Game of Thrones people get the tragic reference. Weeping~!

Julie and her husband write the TV and movie blog Hammervision. So, appropriately, she's making a Halloween graveyard full of SPOILERS. I love that idea! This particular spoiler is about Eddard Stark. Any Game of Thrones fan knows, however, that the bloodshed doesn't end with The Lord of Winterfell. George R. R. Martin slaughters his characters by the dozen.

So, in honor of Halloween, I've created more gravestone epitaphs for A Song of Ice and Fire. They are cheesy. They are lame. They are in the spirit of the season. I just might draw a few up for my ghoulish party later in the month.

Again, Game of Thrones TV SPOILERS AHEAD! I only go as far as the show, not the books, but I know how sensitive people can be. Also, SLIGHT language warning:

Ooooh, I crack myself up. I promise, though, this is my last GoT-related post for a while. This blog has been HEAVY with the series. ...That said, I'm not stopping you from adding your OWN epitaphs below! I'd love to see your creativity. :)


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