Mini Comic Con 2014 RECAP: The Little Library that Could

Last weekend was one of my busiest yet.  With the Chicago Fringe Festival, The Geek Show, and Eisenhower Library's Mini Comic Con all piled up, I hardly had time to breathe!  I gotta say, though- I had ALL the fun.  Thank you to everyone who met me at these venues.

I spent all of Saturday at The Eisenhower Public Library for Mini Comic Con.  (Are they calling it "Ike Con" now?  Hmm...) My companions were Harrison and Muggy, both of Fandom Tandem.  Photos were taken.  Friends were made.  The event's small size made for an easygoing atmosphere.  My trio explored every corner, from the library's graphic novel collection to its video game-themed children's section.

I say "small," but Mini Comic Con's attendance went WAY up in 2014.  The costume contest, in particular, grew exponentially.  I had a lovely time emceeing it.

Many artists showed their talents.  Check out Gene Ha's Facebook page to see the sketches he did. I wish I had gotten one!  I did, however, score two X-Men magnets- Gambit and Rogue. <3

I have but one piece of advice for Mini Comic Con: Know your audience.  On one side of the spectrum, children's craft projects were so popular that the table ran out of glue.  On the other, a "Bad Fanfic" panel for ages 13+ bombed.  It was so ill-attended that staffers were YELLING into the art room, begging for attention.  I'm sure it was a hilarious show; most of the audience was just plain too young.

My favorite part of the event was the library's bakery.  They really got into the spirit, crafting Batman muffins, Wookiee cookies, Princess Leia cinnamon buns, and more.  Discounts were offered to con attendees.  I used mine to score an incredibly fresh fruit smoothie.  Mmm~

Check out my pictures from Mini Comic Con, a.k.a. Ike Con 2014.  The gallery features many kids, who are growing up loving superheroes, Time Lords, and events like this one.

The Eisenhower Public Library already told me I should be thinking about 2015.  I get busier and busier each year.   Events like C2E2 and Wizard World continue to grow.  I sincerely hope that I'll still have the time for friendly, community cons. It's nice to remember that there are lots of kids in the suburbs who just love comics, and can celebrate that love for free.

Thank you, Mini Comic Con, for inviting me.


Next time: This GEEKend's events!

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