This GEEKend: The Chicago Fringe Festival and MEGADUNGEON

I tell ya, it gets harder and harder to write GEEKend posts.  I get so many press releases!  It's a nice problem to have, but SO many of them are not even geek-related.  It's tough to find the gems.

Thankfully, I put some real work into Inbox sorting this evening.  I can once again bring the quality weekend work my people deserve.  Here are top picks for geek events in Chicago this weekend:



Dodgeball Dungeon presents: THE MEGADUNGEON - Hey, remember that time I dressed like an Alien Queen and threw dodgeballs at brave audience volunteers?  Remember how badly I lost?!  Yea, that was great.  Turns out, opportunities like that come around all the time.

Dodgeball Dungeon, in partnership with ComedySportz and Chicago Loot Drop, will be having their biggest adventure yet on Saturday.  Teams of audience volunteers will be chosen to play in a fantasy epic.  These heroes will use dodgeballs (and dodgeball-related power-ups) to fight monsters in an adapting environment.  Go.  Volunteer, even.  The way the audience FLIPS OUT is a sight to behold.

This show is billed as family-friendly.  All proceeds will benefit the University of Chicago Medicine Comer Children's Hospital.  (Saturday, August 30th, 1pm.  ComedySportz, 929 W. Belmont.  $10.  Facebook.)

Promotional image for Dodgeball Dungeon



The Chicago Fringe Festival - Our city's theatre community is already vast.  We have Shakespeare.  We have Broadway musicals.  Why see any of that stuffiness, though, when you can see aliens, mole people, and Steampunk femme-robots??  The Chicago Fringe festival comes but once a year, and brings with it the most delightfully weird theatre imaginable.

The purchase of a 5-dollar admission button will grant attendees access to 200-ish performances across 5 Jefferson Park venues.  Shows will be 10 dollars a pop thereafter.  Geeks will be particularly interested in The Mechanical Man, The Scientists, Teenagers from Outer Space!, Waiting for Orson, and of course, Our Fair City.

The Chicago Fringe Festival is two weekends long.  For show times and descriptions, visit the Official Chicago Fringe website.  (Thursday, August 28th, thru Sunday, September 7th.  Jefferson Park.  Admission buttons $5, shows $10 thereafter.  Facebook * Twitter.)



The wonderful thing about GEEKends is GEEKends are wonderful things!  I'll be in Ohio for this one, gentle reader, but please enjoy it on my behalf. :)


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