This GEEKend: Anime X Factor, Core Demo, and To Catch a Redditor

My laptop has been a butt for a few days.  ...Metaphorically.  It keeps forgetting that it has a battery. So, I posted an event or two on Facebook while my computer decides whether or not it wants to croak.

Things are looking up tonight!  While luck is with me, I'll share a few happenings in Chicago geek culture this weekend:



Core/Demo: For the second year in a row, Mighty Ink Comics is raising money for The American Cancer Society.  Core/Demo is a celebration of geeky music and bellydance.  I'm an on-again, off-again bellydancer, so I'm always up for seeing shows.  The Alder Kings will be performing alongside some of Chicago's best dancers.  That said, Core/Demo's real draw is going to be its silent auction.  Planned prizes include a Headquarters Beercade gift card, signed albums from Jonathan Coulton, WWE tickets, and more.  (Saturday, August 16th, 8PM. Reggie's Music Joint, 2105 S. State. $10, tickets available HERE.  Official Site * Facebook)



Anime X Factor - If you're like me, you're always looking for opportunities to cosplay.  Here's one!  Stars District is launching its first-ever pop culture gathering, Anime X Factor.  The event will have a dance club feel- it's 18+, with music scheduled until 3AM.  Attendees can enjoy K-Pop dance battles, and yes, a cosplay contest.  There will even be an Asian buffet for late-night snacking.  My advice is go and boogie down, just make sure you stay hydrated.  Cosplay + dancing = SO WARM.  (Saturday, August 16th, 8PM-3AM. X Factor, 558 Randall Rd., South Elgin. $7, +$12 for buffet. 18+. Official Site * Facebook)

Promo image for Anime X Factor



To Catch a Redditor: It's strange and awesome what a cultural staple Reddit has become.  I don't frequent it.  Yet, I know about some seriously obscure subreddits, which celebs are doing AMAs, etc.  If you love Reddit (or maybe if you hate it), The Public House Theatre is running the show for you: To Catch a Redditor.

TCaR opened last weekend.  It's "a long form, narrative sketch-show based around the characters that frequent the world's second-most visited website."  ...Wait, serious question: which is the first?  Is it Facebook? Anyway, the guys behind this (Byron Hatfield and The Dancing Pig) are pretty funny.  Best of all, if you can prove you're a Redditor, there's a discount.  (Fridays and Saturdays thru 8/30, 8PM. The Public House Theatre, 3914 N. Clark. $15, $10 if you can prove you're a Redditor. So, $10 for my husband, $15 for me HERE.)


That's all for now, geeks!  ...What?  You say I promised more from MC Frontalot?  Why yes, yes I did.

NEXT TIME: An interview with MC Frontalot + Ticket Giveaway!!  ...Tell your friends. ;)


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