Hobby Lobby Boycott: Chicago's Alternate Fabric, Craft, Quilting, and Knitting Stores

Now that I've had a day to settle down, I'm finally ready to post about the Hobby Lobby contraception case.  WOW, was I angry yesterday!  For the uninformed, the Supreme Court ruled that private companies can opt out of covering several types of female birth control.

The reasons cited by Hobby Lobby and Conestoga were religious.  I could go on and on about the hypocrisy- the men's medications the company still covers, the birth control manufacturers that still get HL's money, HL's Chinese labor, the many uses for contraceptives that have nothing to do with sex, and OH YEAH, HOW MY BODY IS NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS.  ...*breathes*  I won't, though.

I've had many civil (and a few not-so-civil) arguments about the issue on my Facebook and Twitter.  Both sides agree on one thing: If I have a problem with Hobby Lobby, I shouldn't shop there.  OK, I won't.  Actually, I haven't shopped at Hobby Lobby in years due to their stance on gay rights.

I understand that a new wave of crafters, quilters, and cosplayers is now interested in boycotting.  Several readers have told me that this will be a struggle, as Hobby Lobby is both conveniently located and affordable.  Plus, if Chick-fil-a is any indicator, even bad press is good press.  Be strong!  I asked friends, fans, and fellow bloggers for help.

The following is a list of stores OTHER than Hobby Lobby where fabric, craft supplies, and costumes can be purchased:

JoAnn Fabrics - Nationwide chain
Hancock Fabrics - Nationwide chain
Vogue Fabrics - Chicago, Evanston
The Needle Shop - Chicago (North Center)
Textile Discount Outlet - Chicago (Pilsen)
Fishman's Fabric - Chicago (University Village)
New Rainbow Fabrics - Chicago (University Village)


Michael's - Nationwide chain
Blick Art Materials - Nationwide chain
American Science and Surplus - Midwestern Chain
Artist and Craftsman Supply - Chicago (South Loop)
Tom Thumb Hobbies and Crafts - Evanston


Loopy Yarns - Chicago (South Loop)
Windy Knitty - Chicago (Andersonville)
Woolly Lamb - Chicago (Norwood Park)
Nina - Chicago (Wicker Park)


Quilter's Quest - Woodridge
Thimbles - Lockport
Top Shelf Quilts - Frankfort


Designer's Desk - Geneva


Chicago Costume - Chicago (Lincoln Park)
Fantasy Costumes - Chicago (Portage Park)
Heads & Threads - Chicago (Wicker Park)


...and of course, shopping online is always an option. Try Ravelry, for example!  Reader Donna A. also wrote to remind me that local artisan shops and farmers' markets often have homemade supplies.

Chicago-area geeks, please comment below with your favorite places to buy your cosplay supplies.  Details are appreciated. Also, I admit I have not done thorough research on the ethics of the companies listed above.  If something is suspect, let me know!

I hope this helps a few locals take a stand.  Be advised, though- this blog post is NOT a place to discuss the court ruling, politics, or religion.  Please keep the chatting to the topic of craft supply stores. There are literally hundreds of other places you can visit if you'd like a fight.  My respect and thanks!


Thank you to fellow ChicagoNow bloggers Kathy Mathews (Quilting! Sewing! Creating!) and Kim Z. Dale (Listing Beyond Forty), as well as GGC readers Erin G, Kathy H, Katy, Jess, MJ, and many others for their contributions.

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