2 Audition Opportunities for the Chicago Geek with a Theatrical Streak

Little-known fact: While my college major was Communications, one of my two minors was Theatre.  Don't let the term "minor" fool you, though.  To get the word "Theatre" on my diploma AT ALL, I had to work hundreds of hours on stage and in the shop.  I love performance to this day.  I have to imagine that lots of you geeks have been bitten by the bug at some point, too.

Two audition opportunities have surfaced that are super-appropriate for GGC readers.  Both have deadlines that are soon, but are quite simple to get on board with.  Here are the details so you can grab your share of the spotlight:


1. Cowl Girl TV Pilot: This "quirky, comic-inspired sitcom" recently destroyed its crowdfunding goal.  Cowl Girl, originally a play, is shaping up to be a 10-episode TV series. It's all about a Latina fangirl's day-to-day adventures.  Cowl Girl wears a Batman cowl at all times to give her "superhero confidence to take on the outside world."

The production's goals are solid.  Namely, Cowl Girl will present a strong, female role model that confronts bullying and issues of self-worth.  Plus, the cast will be Chicago-based and multi-cultural- the diversity our city deserves AND needs right now.  ...see what I did there? ;)

Read more about Cowl Girl casting HERE.  To audition, all you need to do is create a 30-45 second introductory video.  The show is looking for real-life fandom junkies.  Let your geek flag fly!  Talk about who you are, your favorite superhero, comic book, movie, or TV show.  Once that's done, upload it to YouTube.  Send a link, headshot, and resume to cowlgirl2@gmail.com.  Videos are being accepted until August 8th.  Break a leg!

Promotional image for Cowl Girl


2. Forge the Future Game: If full-blown acting intimidates you, perhaps you'd consider modeling? ...in Steampunk attire?  ...so that you can be a character in a card-based adventure board game?!  Yes, I know that sounds awesome.  Local company Ironrise Games is creating their first major title, and they want YOU.

While much of the main character work is done, Ironrise could still use models for their "stable" of upcoming heroes and villains.  The theme is somewhere between Western and Steampunk.  So, if interested, secure the appropriate attire- corsets, goggles, boots, revolvers, dirigibles (you have one of those, right?)

Shooting starts this Sunday, 7/27, 8AM at Rainforest 2 Daycare, 2545 W. Diversey.  More information is available HERE.  Oh, and here's a pic of my friend Aaron in the right kind of gear:

Aaron Amendola

Tell 'em Geek Girl Chicago sent you, and know that I'm extraordinarily jealous.  I'm going camping this weekend, and will thus be missing out on a totally rad opportunity.  ...Not that sleeping on the ground in the woods isn't rad, you know?  ...Do I sound excited?  I can't tell if I sound convincingly excited in text...

Anyway, I can't wait until you're all famous, geeks. Let me know below if you try out for either of these projects.  I'd be so proud! :)


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