This GEEKend: Lord of the Wrigley and a Back to the Future Musical

My apologies for not getting a GEEKend post up faster.  I have good reason, though!  On Tuesday, I took my first-ever trip to the ER.  I was in line at Hot Doug's, and had foolishly skipped breakfast.  After an hour in the direct sunlight, I became severely dehydrated. I saw stars for a moment, and BOOM, fainted.  On the way down, my chin hit something and split open.  Euucchhhh!!  I got to see my facial bones from the outside!!

...Sorry, that's gross.  Now I have stitches.

Anyway, two fantastic theatre productions for geeks are opening tonight.  They both run for several weeks.  So, if you're busy, you'll have more chances.   I know I'll be holding off attending much of anything until my face is devoid of sutures. ;)



Flux Capacitor: A Very McFly Musical - Great Scott!  I'm just learning about pH's movie musicals.  Apparently, they've already done The Breakfast Club and The Room (!!) in this format.  This show is going to be pretty much as-advertised: a song-filled version of Back to the Future.  Marty McFly will race against time with Doc Brown to make sure his parents meet.  The musical's director promises "at least one Flux Capacitor costume." I can't even imagine!  Better go see it for myself... (Fridays thru July 25th, 9:30 PM. The pH Comedy Theater, 1515 W. Berwyn. $20. Buy tickets HERE.)

Promotional image for Flux Capacitor: A Very McFly Musical



Lord of the Wrigley: The Fellowship of the Cubs - Given that my day job is on the South Side, I rarely get to say this: I am a Cubs fan.  The Nerdologues are after my heart with their latest, full-length show.  Lord of the Wrigley is a crossover between Cubs fandom and Tolkien fantasy epics.  The show cleverly uses Chicago locations and tropes to weave a tale.  Perhaps more importantly, though, it's a reminder that sports geeks and Lord of the Rings geeks aren't all that different.  We're all crazy-passionate about something.  Why not celebrate both worlds at once?  (Fridays and Saturdays at 8PM, Sundays at 2PM thru June 29th.  The Public House Theatre, 3914 N. Clark. $15. Buy tickets HERE.  Facebook.)

Promotional image for Lord of the Wrigley: The Fellowship of the Cubs


Welp, that's all for now.  Time to go change my bandages... again.  2014 has definitely been my most accident prone year to-date.  Here's hoping for an awesome-looking scar.  By the way, does anyone wanna bring me some Hot Doug's?  I never actually got my hot dog...


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