This GEEKend: Anime Central, Doctor Who Cosplay Night, and Space Happens!

Well, geeks- I made it to May 15th before thinking about this year's Halloween costume.  Agent Scully?  Betty Grof?  Queen Elsa??

...My earliness isn't entirely my fault.  Halloween is a big deal at my day job, and it was mentioned in a corporate context.  Now, my favorite holiday is in my head.  It shouldn't be!  There's a LOT going on before then- months and months' worth of stuff!!

So, I'm doing my best to take it one weekend at a time.  As usual, here are the coolest things going on in Chicago for geeks:



Cosplay Night at the Blue Box Cafe - In case you missed the coverage, check out my previous musings on this Doctor Who-themed storefront.  The Blue Box Cafe has a good thing going thus far.  Now, this Elgin shop is looking to draw in some REAL fans.  Tomorrow will be its first ever Cosplay Night.  Doctors, Companions, even villains are planning on sharing a coffee!  While I'm not sure what activities are planned, the staff will be serving fish fingers and custard as well as Jammie Dodgers.  Sounds fun... particularly for a certain blogger who owns 10-or-so Rose Tyler outfits. ;)  (Friday, May 16th, 6-8PM.  The Blue Box Cafe, 176 E. Chicago St., Elgin.  FREE, plus the cost of food.  Facebook.)

Space Happens Pledge Party - I meet a lot of good friends through social media.  I first met Aly on Twitter, though she's an in-person buddy, now!  She's the lead in an upcoming webseries full of powerful geek girls.  Space Happens promises to be a satirical, feminist web series for sci-fi fans.  Aly will be playing Joy Jones, a janitor turned space captain on the HMS Janeway.  The show's crew is full of even more talent.  Their Kickstarter deserves a look.  Tomorrow, the folks behind Space Happens will be collecting donations at one of my favorite places- Headquarters.  Party!!  (Friday, May 16th, 6:30PM-2AM.  Headquarters Beercade, 2833 Sheffield.  Donations encouraged.  Facebook.)

Space Happens promotional image



Anime Central - Wow.  Anime Central 2001 was my first convention ever.  (I feel like I point that out every year.)  I can hardly relate to the person I was back then!  While the number of attendees has increased by thousands since I last attended, ACen's programming looks relatively the same.  All of the staples are planned: merch dealers, dances, a masquerade, anime viewing, and panels on everything from Studio Ghibli to actually living in Japan.  ACen is a place for old friends to reunite.  Above all, the cosplay is not to be missed!

PROTIP: If you can, leave your car behind and take the Blue Line.  If you MUST drive, park in the CTA lot and walk!  You'll save a TON of money.  <3  (Friday, May 16th thru Sunday, May 18th.  Hyatt Regency O'Hare, 9300 Bryn Mawr, Rosemont.)

Anime Central 2014 logo


...Now, though, back to what's really important.  Halloween costume ideas, anyone?  I only have 5 and a half months!!


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