C2E2 2014 SUNDAY Recap: In Which I Buy Everything X-Files

For C2E2 2014 Friday coverage, click HERE.  For Saturday's gallery, click HERE.  All caught up?  Read on!

The Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo came to a heroic conclusion on Sunday.  I ended up wearing street clothes, as my feet would simply NOT accept my Daenerys shoes.  This was likely for the best.  In sneakers and jeans, I was able to maneuver through crowds, chase down cosplayers, and easily re-visit my favorite booths.

Galerie F got me again.  They had the Fox Mulder partner piece to my Saturday purchase.  BOOM- more money left me in the name of art.

This sent me on an X-Files kick.  I ended up also purchasing 2 volumes of The X-Files Season 10 comics.  Writer Joe Harris signed them- worth it.  I at least avoided buying a Dana Scully FBI badge.  I'm eventually going to make my own, like the uber-geek I am.

It's worth mentioning that Sunday was C2E2 Kids' Day.  Not only were children everywhere, but adults brought their kid-friendly costumes.  Doctor Whooves was just inside the front gate.  DOZENS of Disney princesses were about to offer hugs.  There were even some Rescue Rangers- relevant to us grown-up kids.

When I got home, I crashed and slept somewhere between 3 and 5 hours.  I'm not sure a convention has ever wiped me out so thoroughly before.  Note to self for next year: Pack a lunch in your purse or something; you can't do 3 days on Connie's and McDonald's. >_>

With all of the cosplay, shopping, art, and events, C2E2 was everything I'd hoped it would be.  I can't wait for next year.  Here are the photos:

Ta-da!!  Thus concludes my C2E2 trilogy of coverage.  Please share it like crazy- I've been working on it for days.  :)

FYI, I won't be at ACen.  Have fun, anime fans!  I'll see you at other events and shows around Chicago, starting with my next GEEKend highlight post.


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