C2E2 2014 SATURDAY Recap: A Lesson in Footwear

To see my Friday C2E2 coverage, CLICK HERE.

As you might have already read, gentle reader, I am splitting my Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo coverage into 3 parts.  This portion is by FAR the biggest.  Saturday at the convention was unbelievably packed.  C2E2 truly reigns supreme when it comes to Chicago geek events.

My friend Jennie and I didn't want to be overheated or stressed on Saturday.  So, I pulled out my trusty Mary Jane Watson outfit (I call it a "half costume").  Jennie borrowed some of my clothes to become Gwen Stacy.  The time it took us to put together these Spider-Man outfits meant we weren't at McCormick place until about noon.  BIG mistake.

By that hour, Lot B had filled up.  WOW!  We had to put my car in the area normally reserved for trucks and trailers.  This meant an extensive walk to the convention center, during which I learned a valuable lesson: my body isn't the same as it was when I was 22.

I was freezing.  My feet, foolishly dressed in a second day of high heels, hurt before we even got inside.  Saturday at C2E2 was all about reflecting on my cosplay career.  I think it may be time to choose comfortable shoes instead of cute ones.

Nevertheless, I obtained a record amount of photos.  My girl Jess was snapping, too, so we really got a wide impression of the costumes in the building.  I only wish my feet had lasted longer.  We missed the bigger costumes that came out later in the evening. Portal 2 mechs, huge dragon, Bumblebee- my apologies for not capturing your glory.

The show floor was more or less a can of sardines on Saturday.  I avoided the vendors' area, as it was making me claustrophobic.  Only one shop was powerful enough to draw me in- local print shop Galerie F.  With them, I knew my money was going to local artists.  I bought an X-Files piece as well as a War of the Worlds print.  Solid.  I can't wait to visit their brick-and-mortar store.

C2E2 was alive and pulsing for hours.  The show floor was delightful, but LOUD.  To escape the noise, I hung out in the Artists' Alley with Jimmy Hasse, Erik Burnham, and some of my other faves.

I didn't stay too late. I was gone and eating sushi by 5PM due to sore, sore feet.  Lesson learned... but will I actually abide by my newly-discovered limits next con?  Time will tell.

For now, bask in the Saturday photos.  There are a TON of them.  Every cosplayer worked hard, so please take the time to click through:

Sunday was way more laid back, so stay tuned.  One more C2E2 writeup is coming.

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