I've Been Caught by the April Fools' Pokémon Game on Google Maps

I hate pranks. I still remember the time when my mother snapped the white parts off of some candy corn, and then told me she was eating her teeth.  I cried!  Granted, I was a small child.  I was considerably older, however, when she woke me up and told me I was late for school- something thoroughly traumatizing to an uptight, Type A kid.  As a result, I pretty much despised April Fools' Day... until now.

Google released a fun video of a Pokémon augmented reality game.  It's awesome, but obviously fake.  The thing is, they didn't stop there.

If you have Google Maps for iOS or Android, take out your phone.  Right now.  I'm serious.  If you have the most updated version of the app, when you go to search for a destination, you'll see a message that says "Press Start."  Press it, and prepare to lose a full day of your life.

The entire world is now filled with Pocket Monsters!!  This is 100% REAL.  No, Google didn't make the augmented reality game, but they DID make the Google Maps Pokémon Challenge.  I am ADDICTED.  Yesterday, I ran my iPhone's battery out over my lunch break.  Then, after an obligatory grocery store trip, I proceeded to play for the rest of the evening.

HINT: Look for famous landmarks!  My fiancé came home to find me scouring all of Africa's major cities, followed by every location named in the Beach Boys song, Kokomo.  Lots of creatures are in Tokyo, San Francisco, and Sydney.

Screenshot from Google Maps Pokemon Challenge

My recent catches. Glaceon was at the top of Mt. Everest!

At approximately 11PM yesterday, I found a Togepi in Barcelona, and called it a night.  All told, though, I've only found 77 variations of Pokémon; there are 150.  Do note, they are not all the original 150, and you can catch duplicates.  Ugh.  The real April Fools' prank is how many Dragonites are out there!

Again, this isn't a joke.  The augmented reality game was fake, but the Google Maps portion is real.  Just grab your phone, hit "Search," and Catch 'em All!  You have until tomorrow, April 2nd, at 4PM Central Time.

NEXT TIME: Photos from Chi-Fi!

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