A Wedding of Fire and Blood: Pictures from Brewery Ommegang's Game of Thrones Party

Last night, I changed my mind about Daenerys Targaryen.  I used to think this character from A Song of Ice and Fire was overrated.  She's called The Mother of Dragons, Stormborn, Unburnt.  This girl frees slaves, gets tons of male attention, has three dragons- overpowered to the point of ridiculousness, right?  Um, wrong.  After Brewery Ommegang's latest Game of Thrones beer party, I think I might be a Dany fan.

A few weeks ago, I was asked by Lakeshore Beverage to help plan this epic event.  I had a blast at the last one.  So, of course I agreed!

Since then, I've been rehearsing, hyping the evening on Twitter, and making Daenerys's Qarth gown.  It was a grueling process, and the fastest costume build I've ever done.  I couldn't really ask my geek guy for help; he was choreographing secret Red Wedding scene.  (I can finally talk about it!!)  So, when I stumbled out of the changing room and into the bar, I surely looked exhausted.

Then, strangers started calling me "Khaleesi."

THEN, I got a Fire and Blood Red Ale in my hand.

Soon, I was meeting lots of new friends, including Eric from Game of Owns (and Mugglenet), Sam from Of Dice and Men, and... Hodor.  I danced to music by The Harp Twins.  I watched as Rob Stark and Catelyn Tully were brutally murdered by the New Millennium Theatre Company.  I hosted the costume contest and raffle while Jess took photos.

Here's my collection of pics, filled with folks who think they deserve The Iron Throne.

Lakeshore Beverage, Brewery Ommegang, Chicago Comics, and all the rest truly outdid themselves this time.  It was an honor to be their dragon queen for the evening.  I hope I get invited back for the next one.  I wouldn't miss it for all the wealth of Qarth.


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