Northwest Indiana Comic Con 2014 Recap: A Strong Opening

I hardly ever get to take a Sunday off from my day job.  When I do, it's for something really, really important.  This past Sunday, I was a VIP Guest and Cosplay Judge at the first-ever Northwest Indiana Comic-Con.  I'd say that's important!

NWI Comic-Con's staff deserves a round of applause.  They knocked year 1 out of the park. Villa Cesare in Schererville, Indiana, was packed wall-to-wall.  I haven't heard official numbers, but rumors circulated that 2,000 fans showed up.  With such an affordable price ($6 adults, $1 for kids plus cosplay and charity discounts), the line to get in was out the door for hours.  The energy AND the temperature in the room sure felt like thousands of people!

Everything at NWI Comic-Con took place in one room.  Panels and seating were set up in the center.  All of the programming was locally-focused, from Indiana filmmakers to the International School of Comics.  The entire place halted to attention when the' costume contests took the stage.

Speaking of the costume contests, WOW.  We judges were only supposed to give out two awards to the adult contestants.  We were SO blown away by what we saw- armor, lights, mascots, and more- that we pooled our own money and purchased Judges' Awards.  The costumes at NWI Comic-Con deserved a world of recognition.  Were I able, I would have given out even more prizes!

In light of the con's success, I'm hoping for a larger location next year.  More space to eat, socialize, rest, and read comics would be great for this budding event.  I'd also like to thank the Security team.  Apparently, some folks outside were not happy that concealed carry wasn't allowed.  The event was filled with children and families, and from the inside, the environment felt nothing but fun and safe.

In the end, I left with a Star Trek deck-building game, Fable 3 for XBox 360, some beautiful photos my Elizabeth costume, and a ton of memories.  One day wasn't enough.  ...and yet, I got one of my biggest photo galleries ever!

Dive into Geek Girl Chicago's NWI Comic-Con's photos.  If you see yourself, comment below.

Thank you to Kat and Tina for taking pictures while I was unavailable.  Brian Grabinski- congratulations on a killer show.   Thank you, also, to Fandom Tandem, Tina, Harrison, Muggy, and Serah.  Finally, it was nice to meet Matthew and Count Gregula, who judged the costumes alongside Jess and me.

See you next year, NWI!!


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