Peter Capaldi's Doctor Who Costume: Best (and Worst!) Twitter Reactions

I went to Bad Wolf Coffee in Lakeview for the first time today- tasty! Recommended! While the shop isn't in any way Doctor Who-themed, the owner is a huge Whovian.  I'd love to do promo work for the place as Rose Tyler.  :)  "I am the Bad Wolf.  I create myself... and cappuccinos."  Ha!  I crack myself up.

Speaking of Doctor Who, the BBC recently revealed Peter Capaldi's 12th Doctor costume.  ...Or, 13th Doctor costume, depending on how you count the canon:

Peter Capaldi as The Doctor

What do you think?  Capaldi described his gear as, "No frills, no scarf, no messing.  Just 100% rebel Time Lord." I think he looks like a magic act with a Mr. Rogers sweater, but I don't hate it.  I bet the coat moves nicely.  I'm particularly grateful for the lack of gimmicks; I was SUPER tired of hearing, "Bow ties are cool! Stetsons are cool! Fezzes are coo-" SHUT UP I GET IT ALREADY.

The public's reaction to the outfit has been generally positive.  People on Twitter are calling Capaldi "snazzy," "classy," "sharp," etc.  Parallels have been drawn between this costume and that of the Third Doctor, Jon Pertwee.  I totally see that!  While I'm not fond of hyperanalyzing the suit, I LOVE reading fan feedback.

Here are 16 of the funniest Capaldi-related reactions I've seen on Twitter:

I guess I'm left wondering only one thing: Who buttons a shirt all the way up like that without a tie?  ...Who, indeed.  ;)  Ha! I crack myself up.


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