Does My New Year's Resolution Suck??

Happy New Year, geeks!  Welcome to 2014.  We've only been here for 3 days, and I already need some feedback.  You see, I'm starting to worry that my New Year's Resolution sucks.  I only made just one, as opposed to last year (FAIL), and well... I'm afraid it might make me a hypocrite.

In 2014, I'm resolving to buy more clothes.  NOW HOLD ON, halt your judgment for a moment and hear me out.  I'm not just buying clothes for the sake of it.  I want to more frequently dress like the self I imagine in my head.  Does that make sense?  Is this even a thing other people worry about?

This issue started because of my job.  I wear jeans and a corporate t-shirt at work.  Too often, I come home and just leave those things on.  If I'm feeling ambitious, I'll change from my work t-shirt into a different t-shirt, but the jeans stay.  I even leave the jeans on in the summer, long after it's 100 degrees and all sane people have taken their pants off.  Yes, folks- it has gotten bad!

This wouldn't be a problem if I loved these clothes, but I don't.  Sure, I'm a big fan of my Teefury and Woot shirts- the "Adopt a Tribble" one is my favorite.  I love dresses, though, too.  I love lace-up boots.  I love statement jewelry. I love arm warmers, button-up shirts, shabby-chic skirts...  Yet, if you asked my friends, they'd say I was a "jeans and t-shirt kind of girl."  No.  No, no, no.

I started off my resolution by buying this dress.  I wore it to the ChicagoNow Christmas party, in fact, and felt like a boss.  I was super-confident.  I was ME.  When I have a little money to spare, my next prospect is this one.  I'm not only dressing for personality, but for quality of construction.  Those 10-dollar t-shirts I'm addicted to are tissue-thin, shrink, and fade.  My new clothes are going to last.

Here's why I'm writing this, though- my New Year's Resolution has gotten mixed reviews.  Some people totally get it.  Others have flat-out scolded me.  I've been told that clothing is a frivolous luxury item, and a waste of precious money.  Perhaps more striking was the assertion that, by focusing on my physical appearance, I am detracting from other positive qualities- intelligence, humor, writing ability, etc.

I'm starting to see some legitimacy in the nay-saying.  I believe that women in this country are judged too harshly and too often on their outward appearances.  I try not to tell little girls that they are pretty; I strive for "smart," "creative," and other, more inward descriptors.

Am I a hypocrite for wanting to look "better" on the outside?  Or, can someone effectively show who they are on the inside through their fashion choices?

I'd love to discuss this with any of you, so hit me up below, on Facebook, or on Twitter. Also, please share YOUR New Year's Resolutions!  It's fun to see how we're all trying to improve ourselves. :)


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