This GEEKend: WhoProv, MacSith, and Con Alt Delete

Before I even get into this, gentle reader, you need to know that I am blogging between rounds of Peggle.  Someone downloaded it to my fiance's Xbox months ago.  We rediscovered it, and I'm completely addicted!  So, forgive me if this whole entry appears a bit disjointed.

I have a few warm, cozy, indoor events for you all this GEEKend.  Don't let the snow stop you from having fun!  ...Don't let Peggle stop you, either.

1. WhoProv - In my interview with The Sixth Doctor, Colin Baker said he'd love to see a female Doctor.  I wish he were still in Chicago!  Who Prov is putting together another improvised Doctor Who episode.  This time, however, the Doctor is going to be a lady.  I can't wait.  As long as the cast doesn't spend too much of the show pointing out that she's a girl, this could be something really great.  Have your suggestions ready for the coolest time or place to travel.  If you can't make it tonight, shows (with male Doctors) run through the first weekend in January.  (TONIGHT, Friday, December 13th, 7:30 PM.  Donny's Skybox, Second City, 1608 N. Wells.  $13.  Official Site * Facebook)

WhoProv female Doctor promo


2. MacSith - If I am to obey superstition, I cannot say the title of a certain, Shakespearean tragedy.  However, can I say "MacSith?" ...Shoot, I already typed it.  My former theatre professors just felt a disturbance in The Force!  Anyway, EDGE Theatre has put together a pretty rad Star Wars version of The Scottish Play. I haven't seen it yet, but Geek Girl Jess has.  She loved the costumes and combat.  The production is cinematic, and the dialogue is filled with geeky references.  If you enjoyed the Star Wars Shakespeare book, get to MacSith before it closes.  I know I'll be doing so! (Friday, December 13th through Wednesday, December 18th, various times.  Right Brain Theater, 4001 N. Ravenswood. $15. Official Site * Facebook * Buy Tickets HERE.)

MacSith Promo


3. Con Alt Delete - Formerly known as Domo Con, Con Alt Delete is a brand new anime convention from the creators of Anime Midwest.  I'm looking forward to it for the cosplay photos.  The programming looks pretty familiar, though- Dante's Date Auction, Ask a Nation, a rave.  I've seen this all before at other cons, and this one costs quite a bit.  I'm also a bit concerned that the Maid Cafe application doesn't ask for an age.  That said, there IS a ConSuite and a formal dance, which sound delightful.  I'm ready to love a new event; I have my fingers crossed for Con Alt Delete.  I'll be there Friday, and I'm sending a photog Saturday.  (Friday, December 13th - Sunday, December 15th.  Sheraton Lisle, 3000 Warrenville Rd., Lisle.  $20-50.  Official Site * Facebook)

Con Alt Delete Promo


Well, geeks, I hope to see you at the conv- oh.  Oh dear, my fiance has turned on BioShock's Burial at Sea DLC.  I've been waiting to play it, but how can I play Peggle then?!!

...Yea, maybe I should lay off the video games for a day or two.


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