If you live in Chicago, you've heard of Geek Bar.  It's the hottest hangout in the city for geeks and gamers... or, it will be someday.  Geek Bar shattered its Kickstarter goals, and promises everything from live fandom bands to comic book readings.  The thing is, it doesn't exist yet.  That's why I'm SO psyched to finally share this announcement: Geek Bar Chicago has a location!!

Straight from President and CEO David Zoltan: "The location is 1960 N. Clybourn, the former Caliente."  This address is specifically in Lincoln Park, and is easily accessible by public transportation.  Geek Bar will cover "10,000 sq feet of space between two levels." It is on-track for a Spring 2014 opening.  Woo-hoo!

Caliente Lalo's Building Lincoln Park

Whoa, that building looks huge!

Reactions to the news have been generally positive.  Folks are already asking about events (even weddings), and geeky musicians are looking to book.  Of course, a few folks are disappointed, as seen in the Facebook comments section.  Everyone wanted Geek Bar in their back yard, it seems!  This outcome is natural; Geek Bar has been a beautiful, idealized image in people's heads for months.  We are finally about to see the reality.  I hope it pleases the majority of fans.

Congratulations, Geek Bar!!!

Geek Bar Chicago logo

Stay tuned for more news on  the bar's layout, grand opening party, and VIP guests.  Personally, I have my fingers crossed for cosplay events.  Says Zoltan, "There will be a metric TON of geeking out to come!"


Read more at Geek Bar's Official Site and The Chicago Eater.

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