This GEEKend: WolfCon and Chicago TARDIS

Happy Thanksgiving, geeks!  I woke up early to write so that I could make it out to my parents' house later.  I have the Macy's parade and subsequent dog show on TV- just two of many annual traditions.

The Chicago geek community has two Thanksgiving traditions of its own: WolfCon and Chicago TARDIS.  Both are conventions that last all weekend.  Both are family-friendly.  Both will be difficult to enjoy if your tummy is too painfully full, so try to pace yourselves today!! :)  Here's a bit of information on these events:


WolfCon - The biggest event at WolfCon is Mayfair's Settlers of Catan World Championship Pre-Qualifier.  That's a big deal!  However, WolfCon is open to every age and level of gamer.

Board games, card games, RPGs, and miniatures will be available for play.  Rio Grande and other manufacturers will be there to demo titles.  WolfCon is hosting its first annual Costume Contest in 2013, and best of all, there will be door prizes.  The event promises to give away one big box game for every 10 attendees.  More people = more prizes, so head up to Irving Park this weekend for games, games, games! (Friday, Nov 29th - Sunday, Dec 1st.  Irish American Heritage Center, 4626 N. Knox. $15-30. Official Site)

WolfCon promo image

WolfCon at the Irish American Heritage Center


Chicago TARDIS - Doctor Who fans have a LOT to discuss right now.  There's the 50th Anniversary Special, "The Five-ish Doctors" reboot spoof, the documentary An Adventure in Space and Time, AND the upcoming Christmas Special.  Chicago TARDIS is the perfect venue to share your thoughts and theories.

The Midwest's Premier Doctor Who event looks bigger and better than ever in 2013.  Programming will span the classic and modern eras of the series.  Every aspect of the show will be analyzed- its treatment of women, technology, the fandom.  Panels will span beyond the series, too, into NASA, crafting, and more.  I'm participating in a cosplay parade Friday night (as Rose, of course).  What I'm most looking forward to, though, is the guest list, which brings me to my next request:

This year, at Chicago TARDIS, I am a being given a HUGE honor.  I get to interview THREE classic Who legends: Colin Baker (The Sixth Doctor), Peter Davison (The Fifth Doctor), and Louise Jameson (Leela).  I want many of my questions to come from the community, so please post some below!  I'm looking for intelligenet, creative queries that these stars haven't heard many times.  You can submit questions below, on Facebook, or Twitter.

I hope to see some readers at Chicago TARDIS!.  Of course, I will be posting pictures afterward; if you see Rose Tyler with a camera bag, come on over and show me your cosplay best. Allons-y!  (Friday, Nov 29th - Sunday, Dec 1st. Westin Lombard, 700 Yorktown Center, Lombard. $50-100.  Official Site)

Chicago TARDIS 2013 promo image

Chicago TARDIS 2013!


Hmm... Chicago TARDIS is right across from the Yorktown Center mall.  Maybe I'll get some Christmas shopping done?  I haven't figured out time travel yet, and the big day is less than a month away... aaaaaah!!

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