This GEEKend: Tokens, Tankards, and The Multiverse vs. George Lucas

I spent all of yesterday in full face makeup as Scar from The Lion King (see pictures on my Twitter).  Then, my fiance and I threw a Halloween shindig that doubled as our Engagement Party.  People brought beer, Booberry cereal, and Ghoul-Aid!  ADULTHOOD!!  Thinking I'd have today off, I happily drank and stayed up late.  I was blissfully sleeping in this morning when a phone call from my boss woke me up.  I need to go into work for an event.  Shoot!!  Well, nothing gets me blogging faster than knowing my evening hours have been eliminated.

If you DON'T have to work this weekend, here are two sweet'n'geeky events you can attend.  ...Did I seriously just type "sweet'n'geeky?"  That sounds like some sort of awful dating website.  ANYWAY:



The Multiverse vs. George Lucas - Local comedy group The Nerdologues is at it again, premiering their first weekly show.  In this harrowing tale, filmmaker George Lucas has decided that the Expanded Universe isn't enough- he must control the entire Multiverse.  Buh buh BUHM!!  Only Joe, an average geek, can stop him.  "With the help of some unusual friends," Joe will journey to thwart this ultimate evil.  Hopefully, he can prevent George Lucas from yet again ruining our lives.  (Fridays, November 1st-22nd, 10PM.  Public House Theatre, 3914 N. Clark.  $15, $10 if you say "nerd" at the door.  Facebook)

Promo banner for The Nerdologues' The Multiverse vs. George Lucas

The Multiverse vs. George Lucas



Tokens  and Tankards - Chicago Loot Drop has spearheaded some amazing charity events with I Fight Dragons, The Minibosses, and more.  This time, they are collaborating with local brewers and Emporium Arcade Bar for a tasty fundraiser.  Guests at Tokens and Tankards will receive ten drink tickets (good for 4 oz. tastes) and ten gaming tokens.  Ten Chicago breweries will be offering craft beers.  Each one will be expertly paired with an arcade game.   The money made will be used to buy books, toys, and games for the kids at The University of Chicago Comer Children's Hospital through Child's Play.  Drink and game for a good cause!   Plus, entrance fees are tax deductible. (Sunday, November 3rd, 1-4PM.  Emporium Arcade Bar, 1366 N. Milwaukee.  $28 in advance, $30 at the door.  Tickets available HERE.  Official Site * Facebook)

Promo banner for Chicago Loot Drop's Tokens and Tankards

Tokens & Tankards


Wherever you end up (even working on an off-day), enjoy your GEEKend.  Post any notes or pictures from these two events below.  If you benefit from updates like this one, please subscribe!

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